Stay Together

The Fugitives by Honore Daumier

From the title of this painting we know we are looking at fugitives on the move. Fugitives are people fleeing from the law whether or not they are guilty. They have been accused of a crime and they'll be going to prison if they are caught or perhaps worse -- to their death.

It's hard to see the details in this impressionist painting but with one look you see the intensity and the darkness that hang over this group of people fleeing. With only one horse their progress is painful and slow.

The two toned sky tell us that they have left the worst darkness and are moving towards the light. They stay together in one column of people as that is where they are the safest.

I see in this painting what the Church -- the body of Christ is. The Church as a body of people are leaving the darkness of this world and moving towards Heaven's light. They are fugitives in that here in this world they do not belong. They are a people moving towards God and out of the kingdom of this world controlled by Satan. Their safely is in staying together as they move.

In the picture you can see the outline of individuals. They are important but its together that there is strength in their journey. If you are a fugitive moving through this world your strength will be in your connection to other believers. If you are a loner you'll be an easy prey for attackers. There will be no one to hold you steady when you are weak, no one to encourage you when discouraged.

So commit yourself to other believers on the journey because "a cord of three strands is not easily broken."
Ecclesiastes 4:12

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