Stars of Hope For You

Night Stars Over the River by Vincent Van Gogh

There is a magical feel about this night. On the other side of the river, we see a city lit up and reflecting onto the river. A midnight blue sky is lit up by big bright stars that almost look like they are twinkling and dancing with each other. The reflections on the water ripple the length of the water. The night seems pregnant with expectation and hope.

Vincent Van Gogh captures the fairy world of God's hope -- expect that it's no fairy world. Just when we think that the night has descended on our life we can look outside our circumstances to see a twinkling star that seems to be made just for us. The reality is that it is made just for us!

As long as we focus on ourselves and our black circumstances we live and walk in darkness. But if we just look up and out of ourselves we'll catch a glimpse of a light shining in the darkness. It is God's star of hope just for you and me.

God sent his son Jesus Christ to this world to be the life and light for all men everywhere. His is a light that shines in our darkness and the darkness cannot overpower his light. (John 1:4-5)

That means no matter how dark you feel things are, if you are depending on Jesus to walk this life with you, then your circumstances will not hurt you beyond what you can bear. Jesus will be the star in your dark sky. The night will never be entirely black. The promise of a new day will always be twinkling in your sky.

With God, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26) and therefore there will always be hope dancing in your sky. Look up. Lookout. See the promise of God's Son for your life.

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