By Ernest O'Neill

Speaking Easter Declares That the World is Under God's Control

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

It’s up to God whether He removes the diseases, whether He removes the symptoms, but the promise is here that God has destroyed the power of sickness to incapacitate us. But it’s more than that.

For all of you who have lived under discouragement and depression for years, it’s more than that. The Bible says that the world was crucified with Christ. When God destroyed our sickness and our sin in Jesus, He destroyed the principalities and powers that work in our world. All the strange spirits that work in the financial realm to bring all kinds of twists and turns to our national economy, all the principalities and powers that work underneath the people that you work with in your day-to-day jobs, that make them critical, that make them antagonistic to you, all the principalities and powers in the spirits that lie behind the things that operate Murphy’s law, that make the thing always fall on the wrong way, that make the thing always work the wrong way, all the principalities and powers and spirits that work in your life to make things go so wrong, the things where you sense there’s no control and no one in control, God destroyed that world in His Son Jesus.

Every one of us who believe that, and truly believe in Easter and believe that in Easter there is an Easter power, a resurrection power that can overcome the weaknesses of the physical body and can change circumstances and can change financial problems and personal problems, every one of us who live that way and speak that way, begin to experience that power operating in us.