Daily Discipline #110
by Colleen Donahue

In our last study, we looked at what the prophets had to tell us about God. The fact that they had anything to tell about Him was because God chose to reveal himself to them. David, Isaiah, Micah, Zechariah, Daniel and all the others gave us the best picture that they knew, but it was still far from complete. Men knew "about God", but could they really know Him the way we know a spouse or a friend?

Woven throughout the Old Testament was the message that "God was coming!" In the fullness of time, God had planned to send His own Son to earth. This Son - although equal with God - was to become a man. He would be born as other men are born, and would live His life in time and space just as we are living now.

It was to be in this Son, that God the Father would be fully revealed. It was through this Son, that every man would finally be able to have a personal relationship with God. It is through the Son, that God is now with us. It is through the Son, that we are able to stand in the presence of the God of the universe and talk to Him.

How all this has come about and what God's Son means to our own lives will be examined over the next 10-12 studies. First we must start at the beginning. Centuries before this son was born........

The Son of God was Predicted!

The coming of the Son of God (Jesus Christ) to earth was foretold in great detail. From His unusual birth to His violent death, the prophets, inspired by God, had predicted centuries ahead of time the events and details of Christ's life. Now, on this side of Christ's death, we are able to look back and see that all that was predicted came true. For every prophecy that you'll read in this study from the Old Testament you will read of its fulfillment in the New Testament.

Day 1- Jesus was to have a natural birth but an unnatural conception--beyond all human planning or control.
Isaiah 7:14 / Matthew 1:18-23

Day 2- What was to be the location of Christ's birth?
Micah 5:2 / Matthew 2:4-6

Day 3- The first prophecy in the Bible is found in Genesis. Who is referred to in this prophecy?
Genesis 3:15 / Galatians 4:4

In Genesis 3:15 God is speaking directly to Satan. There will be an offspring from a woman who will be able to strike Satan's head. He appeared to Eve as a snake and you kill a snake when you crush its head.

Day 4- Jesus was to have a forerunner. How is he described?
Isaiah 40:3-5 / Matthew 3:3

Day 5- These verses describe the man who was to betray Christ at the end of his life.
Psalm 41:9 / Zechariah 13:6

And it happened as described. It was one of the Lord's own disciples -- Judas.
Matthew 26: 45-58

How much money was involved in the betrayal?
Zechariah 11:12 / Matthew 26:14-15

How would the betrayal month be spent?
Zechariah 11:13 / Matthew 27:3-4, 7-10

Day 6- At Christ's trial there would be "witnesses" that would testify. What was the character of these witnesses?
Psalm 35:11 / Matthew 26: 59-60

Day 7- How would Christ be treated at His trial?
Isaiah 50:6 / Matthew 26:67/ Matthew 27:30-31 / John 19: 1-3

Day 8- What did Christ say to His accusers?
Isaiah 53:7 / Matthew 27: 12-14

Day 9- What form of execution would be used to kill Christ?
Psalm 22:16 / Luke 23:33 / John 19:37

At the time David wrote, crucifixion hadn't been invented as a form of corporal punishment. But it required the piercing of both the hands and the feet.

Day 10- How would He react to those that killed Him?
Isaiah 53:12 / Luke 23:34

Day 11- The bystanders at Christ's death would mock Him further by their gestures.
Psalm 22:7 / Psalm 109:25 / Matthew 27:39

Day 12- What did the mockers say?
Psalm 22: 8 / Matthew 27:40-44 / Mark 15:29-32 / Luke 23:35-39

Day 13- What else did they do to Christ to further embarrass Him?
Psalm 22:17 / Matthew 27:36-37

Day 14- In Christ's agony He cried out these words in a loud voice:
Psalm 22:1 / Matthew 27:46

Day 15- What was done to Christ's clothes?
Psalm 22:18 / Matthew 27:35 / John 19:23-24

Day 16- What did they give Christ to drink?
Psalm 69:21 /John 19:29 / Matthew 27: 34, 48

Day 17- Where would Christ's friends be during this?
Psalm 38:11 / Luke 23:49

Day 18- Despite His violent death what is significant about Christ's bones?
Psalm 34:20 / John 19: 33-36

Day 19- What is predicted regarding His heart and His side?
Psalm 22:14 / John 19:34

Day 20- Christ's enemies were going to bury Him with the wicked. What happened instead?
Isaiah 53:9 / Matthew 27:57-60

Day 21- Did the grave really conquer Christ?
Psalm 16: 8-10 / Matthew 28:1-8


Day 22- A name given someone in the Old Testament times was full of meaning. It was used to describe a person's character or purpose. Jesus was the name given to Christ at His birth. What did it mean?
Matthew 1:21

Jesus is the Greek form of the Hebrew name Joshua. It meant "the Lord saves".

Day 23- After Christ's birth, the angels went to the shepherds nearby to tell them. Who did they proclaim Christ to be?
Luke 2: 8-11

Day 24- Simeon was a holy man in Jerusalem. He had been promised by God that He would see the Messiah before dying. On a day that Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to the temple, Simeon was there to see Him and testified:
Luke 2: 27-32

Day 25-John the Baptist proclaimed Christ's reason for coming.
Isaiah 53:6 / John 1:29

Day 26- Jesus Himself stated clearly Himself the purpose for His coming.
Matthew 20:28


There are many prophecies concerning Christ still to be fulfilled. The first time He came to earth it was as a baby - by way of human birth. But He is predicted to come again and this time with power and glory.

Day 27- Read some descriptions of how He will come the second time.
Matthew 24: 27-31 / Mark 13:24-27 / Mark 14: 61-62

Day 28- Although Christ is no longer present physically on earth He did not leave us alone. What arrangements did He make for believers until He returns?
John 14:16-17 / John 15:26 / John 16:7,13-15

Day 29- Of what practical value is it for our lives today that Jesus will be coming again?
Matthew 24: 44-46 / Titus 2:13-14 / 2 Peter 3: 11-13

Day 30- What will happen to all believers when Christ comes again?
1 Corinthians 15:51-54 / 1 Thessalonians 4:17

In our next study we'll look closer at Christ's existence before creation and His arrival on earth.


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