By Colleen Donahue


The sun was now quickly setting over the life of King David, the man of our last five studies. He was now weak, cold, and mainly stayed in bed. It was time for the chosen successor to take his place. He was still very young when he became king. Stepping into the big shoes of his father King David had to be overwhelming. Yet, he called upon God and leaned "not to his own understanding", creating a kingdom and time of peace probably yet to be repeated in our world.

If ever a man had absolutely everything going for him this man did. How many times have we ourselves thought "if only_______________________" then life would be better? But is it our possessions, good jobs, and correct circumstances that make life successful? If so, we're about to study a man that lived the "IDEAL". Or is it good relationships that make life meaningful? If so, this man had more relationships than you or I could ever even hope to imagine. Or, is it ONE relationship that is needed? I'll let you decide. Now, may I introduce you to........

SOLOMON - Part I --A Good Start but....


Day 1- King David was very old and soon to die. His son--Adonijah-- was declaring himself to be king illegally.
I Kings 1:1-11

Day 2- This was not God's plan. Solomon had been chosen heir for the throne.
I Kings 1:28-40

Day 3- So, David had the great pleasure of seeing his son firmly on the throne before he died.
I Kings 1:47-48

Day 4- What was David's advice to his son before he died?
I Kings 2:1-4

If Solomon followed that advice what could he expect from God?
I Chronicles 28:8-10


Day 5- What were some of the highlights of Solomon's reign?
I Chronicles 29:23-25 / 2 Chronicles 1:1

Day 6- How did the people live?
I Kings 4:25

Day 7- Perhaps Solomon had picked up from his father that love for God that David was known for. Solomon's early years in office were full of love for God and a deep desire to please and do things for Him.
I Kings 3:3-4

Day 8- At this time when Solomon's heart was so tender to God what pact took place between them?
I Kings 3:5-15 / 2 Chronicles 1:7-13

Day 9- Solomon valued wisdom more than anything. Later he wrote a whole chapter in Proverbs with wisdom personified as a woman crying in the streets. Why are we to value wisdom?
Proverbs 8:1-36

Day 10- God did answer Solomon's prayer for wisdom. How was this manifested?
I Kings 4:29-34

Day 11- God was so pleased with Solomon's unselfish request that He gave him much more than he asked for.
I Kings 4:20-27 / 10:14-23

Day 12- What was one of Solomon's special commissions as the king?
I Chronicles 28:5-7;11-20

Day 13- During the building project of the temple what did God again remind Solomon of?
I Kings 6:11-14

Day 14- Although you have gathered a very brief capsule of Solomon over the last few days, it is enough for you to see he was a man with everything going for him. In fact, a good summary of Solomon at this point was given by the queen of Sheba who had come for a visit.
I Kings 10:1-10


Day 15- It's in God's nature to want to bless us, but what warning does He give to us when we're enjoying our blessings?
Deuteronomy 8:18-19

Day 16- Has God allowed you a good family, a job, a home, success in this life? Have YOU forgotten that......James 1:17?
Matthew 7:11

Day 17- What does King David exhort us to do?
Psalm 103:1-2

What does Solomon also know?
Proverbs 10:22

But sadly Solomon himself forgot--- and forgetting is one of the first steps in falling away.


There are very few things that deteriorate suddenly. A marriage doesn't suddenly break up or a friendship falls apart. It happens bit by bit over time - a broken promise here, a compromise there, - a little neglect, a dash of impatience, and soon that which was a solid rock is broken to bits and carried downstream never to be again.

Day 18- Is erosion happening in your life? What conservation measure is needed to keep steady and solid?
Matthew 7:24-27

Day 19- The first sign of erosion in Solomon was an alliance with unbelievers.
I Kings 3:1

Day 20- This marriage was symbolic of his alliance with all of Egypt, not just one person. It was an action in direct contrast to what God had said.
Exodus 23:31-33 / Exodus 34:12-16 / Deuteronomy 7:1-11

Day 21- Notice Solomon's compromise. Although he married outside God's boundaries what wouldn't he allow?
2 Chronicles 8:11

Thus he excused his decision, as we all do when we need to settle guilt in our hearts.

Day 22- Lest we think this "old rule" of marriage isn't meant for us as believers please turn to the New Testament and see how God restates this for us.
2 Corinthians 6:14-18

Day 23- Hiram, was a friend from Tyre that worked with Solomon on his building projects for 20 years! He had made a business transaction with Solomon. Solomon, as God's child, should have been blameless in keeping his part of things. what did he do?
I Kings 9:10-14

(Notice that Solomon never admitted his wrong or attempted to make things right-- only further signs of erosion in his life).

Day 24- If in today's society we see an unrestrained preoccupation with sex, we can only trace it to erosion over time of the standards God originally set for us. Solomon not only married Pharoah's daughter but he had a harem unequaled to anyone in the world!
I Kings 11:1-3

Day 25- Once again Solomon turned his head from clear teaching.
REREAD: Exodus 34:15-16 / Deuteronomy 7:3-4

Day 26- And the results were sadly what God said that they would be.
I Kings 11:4-6

Day 27- Willful sin leads to further sin and finally death (spiritual death for sure and sometimes physical death).
James 1:14-15

Day 28- Solomon is now found actively engaged in creating "high places" (pagan altars of sacrifices) for his wive's gods.
I Kings 11:7-8

Day 29- And erosion was completed as fellowship with God was broken and God now opposes his once dear friend.
I Kings 11:9-14

Day 30- A successful life? Solomon had rejected the ONE RELATIONSHIP that brought him his success. Let's end this study with a warning the Apostle Paul gives us.
I Corinthians 10:12


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