by Colleen Donahue


"Our Father who art in Heaven..." Matthew 6:9a

When we think back upon our childhood days many of us would have fond memories of our fathers. They were so big and strong, so full of wisdom and insight. Nothing could hurt you if your father was near. He may have had a stern voice, but underneath was a soft heart of love for his children. The feeling that our father was nearby brought us security and reassurance.

As the years passed we all became more independent and self-sufficient. Soon we were on our own--big enough to take care of ourselves. But, no matter how old we get, our hearts long for the same security and love that we felt when our father took our little hand in his own. We never lose that basic need.

Whether or not you had a father such as I described does not change the fact that we all have a Father who is in Heaven. If our own fathers were wonderful, He is more wonderful. He is forever standing with His arms outstretched ready to hold you whether you're 6 years old or 60. He never gets tired of watching over us and nothing delights Him more than when we come to Him for guidance, protection, and love.

If this sounds too good to be true, then your prayer should be as Philip's when he said to Jesus .....

"Show us the Father..."

Day 1- Before the world was even created, the Bible says that God chose us. Chose us for what?
Ephesians 1:4-5 / II Thessalonians 2:13-14 / I Peter 1:1-2/2:9

Day 2 -Where does the Father dwell?
John 14:23

The Israelites (representative of all those that belong to God) often experienced the Father's love and concern for them. How?

Day 3 -He willingly gave constant guidance. How did he do that?
Exodus 40:34-38

Day 4 -He was always working ahead of them on their behalf.
Deuteronomy 1:29-31

Day 5 -He promised to keep them free from the diseases that would kill off ungodly men.
Exodus 15:26

Day 6 -He gave them food all the years they wandered in the desert.
Exodus 16:4,35

Day 7 -He gave them all that they needed for 40 years.
Deuteronomy 29:5

Day 8 -Why did God do for Moses exactly what he asked for?
Exodus 33:17

Day 9 -Will God, our Father, still do all this for those of us in the 21st century?
Psalm 145:15-19

Day 10- How does He show us His love by caring for the earth?
Psalm 104:14-27

Day 11- How has the Father shown love to us by giving us the seasons we experience?
Genesis 8:22 / Psalm 104:19/ Acts 14:17

Day 12 -How does He care for us?
Matthew 6:25-34

Day 13 -How is the Father attentive to even the tiniest detail of your life?
Matthew 10:29-30

Day 14- What is the Father's will for each one of us?
John 6:40

Day 15 -How has the Father loved us?
Jeremiah 31:3

Day 16 -When it came to God's special people--the Israelites--God referred to them very tenderly and showed almost a "motherly" instinct.
Matthew 23:37

Day 17 -How has the Father promised to continue to care for us even when we are old?
Isaiah 46:4

Day 18 -Even though it is possible for a mother to neglect her child, it is impossible for our Father to ever forget us.
Isaiah 49:14-16 / Isaiah 54:10

Day 19- Our Father delights to see us walk in His ways. What happens though when we stumble?
Psalm 37:23-24 / Psalm 145:13b-14

Day 20 -How does the Father feel when any one of us gets lost?
Luke 15:4-7

Day 21 -What brings the Father great grief and pain?
Genesis 6:5-6

Day 22 -How does this well-known story demonstrate our Father's mercy?
Luke 15:11-32

Day 23 -What is our Father's response when any one of His children cries out to Him in distress?
Exodus 2:23-25 / Exodus 3:7-10

Day 24 -What does the Father ask of us?
Exodus 20:2-8

Day 25 -What does God promise us when we honor Him properly?
Exodus 23:25-26

Day 26 -How does our Father lovingly prepare the way ahead for us?
Exodus 23:20 / Exodus 33:14 / Isaiah 48:17

Day 27 -Does the Father listen to all our secret longings and prayers?
Matthew 6:6

Day 28 -What are we exhorted to do with the cares of this life?
Psalm 55:22 / I Peter 5:6-7

Day 29 -What is our relationship to the Father compared to?
Isaiah 64:8

Day 30 -Do you doubt that God our Father wants to give you good things?
Matthew 7:11

Day 31 -As we realize that we are sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father, what should be our only response?
Matthew 6:9 / Romans 8:15

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