Seeking God for the Issues of Our Time- Table of Contents

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These articles were written in response to current events in the news. It's easy to react to what is happening around us and take the view point of the loudest voice. But I want to know how I should be thinking about things in the light of what God's thinks and what His Word says. These articles are arranged by date and I have put in a description of the event that prompted the article. Will I think differently in a year or two? Maybe. But at this time this was the best light I could see. I decided it might be worth sharing with others who are trying to sort these things out as well.


Can Anything Good Come From this Pandemic? - March 2020 (Written during quarantine at the start of the Covid19 Pandemic)

All Big Ideas Start With Listening - Dec 2019 (In a nation divided by partisan incivility this is one quality that we can't do without).

Enforcing Our Holy Will on a Society - One Opinion - August 2019 (After Alabama and Missouri shut down most abortion clinics)

Great Again - August 2019 - (Looking at our current American slogan, "Make America Great Again" and what it should really mean)

The Hidden Effects of Lies on a Nation - Feb 27,2019 (Written after the public testimony of Michael Cohen against President Trump)

Is There Something Rotten in Our Cellar?- Jan 2019 (Written after recent reports of increased suicides and opioid addictions in the USA)

Immigration: Blessing or Curse? - Dec 2018 (Written at a time when immigrants are seeking asylum in America from oppression in the south)

Should We Be Surprised? - Sept 2018 (Written after scandal uncovered in the Catholic church)

The Dilemma of Voting -Sept 2018 (Looking at the issue of Christians wanting to vote their values)

Civility and Change Go Together -Aug 2018 (An amazing transformation of an American City that was dying a slow death)

What Can We Do? - June 2018 (Looking at the frustration many of us feel in seeing our nation changing for the worse)

Is The Cosmic Vending Machine Empty? - March 2018 (Written after the Parkland school shooting in Florida)

Belief Vs Sincerity - May 2017 (Written to dispel the myth that since all religion is the same it doesn't matter what you believe)

Christmas in the White House - Dec 2017 (Written after President Trump boasts that he had brought back Christmas to the White House)