Seeking God

How Do You Begin To Seek For God?

by Colleen Donahue

There is probably no greater issue to settle in this life than the question, "Is there a God?" And if you come to the conclusion that there is, then you'll want to know about that God and how your life is to relate to him. This short course is about seeking for God, the Creator of the universe as He exists in the persons of the Trinity -- Father, Son and Holy Spirit (one God in three persons). It may surprise you as we start our first study to learn that God is seeking for us! He wants you to find Him so that you can have a relationship with Him. Walking with God in life is an adventure you won't want to miss!

How Do You Begin to Seek For God - Part 1
In our first study on seeking for God we learn that God is seeking for us. He wants us to find Him and has promised to reward any of us that diligently seek Him.

How Do You Begin to Seek For God - Part 2
We begin this second study with the fact that God loves us. He wants us back home with Him and has promised a way for us to do that. Are you ready for an adventure?

How Do You Begin to Seek For God - Part 3
In our third study on seeking God, we look at where we find God, and how we are to seek Him.


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