SEEKING GOD – Topical Study - Part 5a

General principles learned from this study:

  1. It is God Himself that puts the desire in our heart to seek Him. He loves us and seeks for us first.
  1. He wants a relationship with us even more than we want one with Him.
  1. Anyone can seek God, at anytime, and in any place.
  1. God will be found by diligent seekers NOT casual inquirers. Everything doesn’t have to be exactly right in our life before we can start seeking. But, we do need to be willing to act and obey what God will begin to show us.
  1. God has given us 3 tangible places to find Him:
    a. In creation
    b. In His Son Jesus
    c. in His Word – the Bible
  1. We often start our search for God because we need or want something. But it soon will lead to our seeking for God Himself – just because we have come to know and love Him.

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