By Ernest O'Neill

Seeing the Risen Christ: A Hallucination?

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

And it's the same Loved Ones with the old hallucinations. Because many of us have tried to tackle, "All right, we can't deal with the empty tomb, you can't undermine that fact, we can undermine the appearances, the resurrection appearances. He appeared on 13 or 14 different occasions. "Hallucinations." "Hallucinations."

But any psychologist here knows that the appearances don't fit any of the laws that govern hallucinations. There are definite psychological laws. One is, a hallucination is usually subjective. It's usually something that you experience just yourself. It's you alone that sees it. Jesus appeared to 70 people in the upper room, to above 500 people at one time. He was seen constantly by groups of people. A hallucination has to be an individual thing. It has to be something that occurs to an individual, not to a group.