By Ernest O'Neill


by Rev. Ernest O'Neill


So, it's a personal thing, you see. It's saying that to Jesus personally. It's you and him as persons. It's a dear friend who has given his life for you. Repentance is telling him that you're not going to ever do it again by his grace. Then receiving Jesus -- you know so often we use some of the formula and we say, "Oh, we pray to receive Jesus" as if accepting Christ is accepting a bundle of principles or a way of life or a philosophy. But loved ones, receiving Jesus is receiving a dear person into your heart and into your life and letting him live inside you as a whole real person that you can talk to at night and in the morning.

Receiving Jesus is receiving a dear person, a friend, a person who is alive. Do you realize that? One thing that I realize, should have known it long ago but I only realized it in a long discussion we had in one class about five years ago, that Jesus is forever human. Have you ever thought of that?

I often thought, well he took our humanity upon him but as soon as he leaves the earth, well, he becomes kind of some effervescent mass of spirit. But do you realize that Jesus will always be recognizable? When you and I see him, he'll be recognizable, he'll be a real person and when you receive him, you don't receive some vague effervescent spirit, you receive a person. He is standing here this morning asking you to let him come into your life and he comes in as a real person