By Colleen Donahue

If ever a man or woman wishes to "reveal" the kind of person they are inside, they only need to open their mouth and speak! For the things that come out of the mouth, come from the heart (see Matthew 15:18). In other words, what you say, directly relates to the things you're thinking about, to the emotions you're feeling, and to the love or hate held in your heart. We might disguise ourselves for a while but sooner or later our words will give us away.

Solomon, during the course of his reign as King of Israel, came to recognize people by how they spoke. Throughout his book of Proverbs, he identified over 32 types of people simply by their speech! What kind of person are you? What do others hear when they hear you speak? Perhaps you'll "see" yourself as you study Solomon's proverbs about.....

PROVERBS - Part 4 --Recognizing People By How They Talk!


Day 1- Who speaks with crooked, perverse, and devious speech?
Proverbs 6:12

Day 2- Besides being devious, what may their words also conceal?
Proverbs 10:6,11,18 / 12:6A / 24:2

Day 3- A crooked tongue simply reflects a crooked heart.
Proverbs 15:28B / Matthew 12:34-37 / Matthew 15:11,18

Day 4- What is the speech pattern of someone who is hateful? (or wicked?)
Proverbs 6:12 / 26:24-26 / Psalm 5:9 / Psalm 10:7 / Psalm 36:1-4 / Psalm 55:3 / Romans 3:13-14

Day 5- Perverse or crooked speech can wreak havoc in other men's lives.
Proverbs 11:9A / 14:25/ 15:4 / 16:27-28 / 26:18-19,28/ 30:14

Day 6- Someone who speaks too quickly, out of the emotion of a circumstance is likely to do great harm as well.
Proverbs 12:18 / 15:1,18A

Day 7- How does God feel about speech of this sort?
Proverbs 8:13 / 12:22/ Psalm 5:6


Day 8- What is one kind of person that might use flattery or "smooth" words?
Proverbs 7:5

What can result from speech like this?
Proverbs 7:21-23 /22:14 / 26:28

Day 9- Although someone who flatters us may seem great for the moment, who is our real friend?
Proverbs 27:6/ 28:23

Proverbs 29:5


Day 10- What are our lips meant to speak?
Proverbs 8:6-9

When we lie, what is concealed?
Proverbs 10:18

Day 11- The one who lies is only concerned for themselves. What are they in regard to others?
Proverbs 14:25

What does the Lord think about lying lips?
Proverbs 12:22A

Day 12- Eventually one who lies will trip over his own tongue.
Proverbs 19:5,9

And what is gained by lying will soon be lost.
Proverbs 21:6


Day 13- Someone known to gossip is likely to be someone that may change details a bit or use tones of voice that can misinterpret information. What is the goal of a gossip?
Proverbs 11:13

Day 14- Right from the early days of the Israelites, gossip/slander was condemned.
Leviticus 19:16 / Psalm 101:5

Day 15- What is likely to happen when a gossip shares information between two friends.
Proverbs 16:28 / 17:9

Day 16- If we find ourselves in company with someone who gossips, what are we to do?
Proverbs 20:19

If we know someone is a gossip and we let them into our company and confidence, what should we expect?
Psalm 41:6

Day 17- Gossip often occurs when we have trouble with a particular person and then seek comfort in a friend. What are we to do instead?
Proverbs 25:9-10

Day 18- Within any group of people, what is likely to happen if no one gossips?
Proverbs 26:20


All of us know someone that talk-talk-talks - often about nothing in particular and everything in general. Solomon spoke of this person as a fool, for little do they realize the effect that idle chatter can have.

Day 19- What is likely to happen to the foolish person that just babbles away?
Proverbs 10:14 / 18:7

Proverbs 10:19,21/ 14:3A /15:2B/ 18:6

Day 20- Why is it so important to think before we speak and to guard our tongues?
Proverbs 13:3 / 21:23

Day 21- Idle chatter for a child of God is especially dangerous.
James 1:26
James 3:5-10

Day 22- What is Jesus's warning to the talkative?
Matthew 12:36-37


Day 23- There was only one man -- Jesus --that was able to control his tongue perfectly and live a perfect life. Solomon in describing wisdom's speech was really describing how Jesus would speak during His lifetime and therefore is our example.
Proverbs 8:6-9

Day 24- What is true about good speech in regard to others?
Proverbs 10:11A, 21A,31A,32A / 12:6B,18B /16:24

Day 25- A righteous man will choose his words carefully before speaking.
Proverbs 15:28A

Proverbs 10:19 /13:3/ 16:23/ 21:23

Day 26- What can a kind or good word do to someone who is anxious or troubled?
Proverbs 12:25/ 15:30 / 25:25

Day 27- Why is it always important to have a good man or woman as a witness in legal matters?
Proverbs 13:17 / 14:5,25 / 19:28

Day 28- The tone of our voice speaks as much and sometimes more than our words.
Proverbs 15:1,4,18

Day 29- To speak the right word at the right time is truly an "art".
Proverbs 15:23 / 25:11

And nowhere is it more crucial than in our own homes.
Proverbs 17:1/ 27:15

Day 30- Why are the words that we speak so powerful?
Proverbs 18: 4A, 21

Day 31- What is in a man's heart and mind is what he will speak. Therefore what did Solomon admonish his son to do?
Proverbs 22:17-21

Good advice for us as well!


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