By Colleen Donahue

2 Chronicles 12:14 "And he did evil because he did not set his heart to seek the Lord."

Once we have set ourselves on a course of seeking God there is no such thing as neutral. We are either advancing or retreating. Our verse refers to King Reheboam who ended up doing evil because he was not going forward. Going forward with God is not unlike any other relationship. It requires a daily discipline of communicating. God shares His thoughts with us through His Word and we share our thoughts with Him in prayer.

The Bible is God's Word to you and is full of instruction for your life. Do not be overwhelmed by its vast contents but rather begin to absorb bite size pieces into your spirit. The Daily Discipline Studies will contain suggestions for where to begin. I suggest that you read in the morning before you are faced with the pressures of the day. A few minutes invested in God's Word will bring new vision and peace into your day.

Why not begin your studies by discovering the book of PROVERBS. It's conveniently divided into 31 chapters allowing for one chapter to be read each day. It is one of the finest books I know of for practical advice for you and your family. It is so full of insight that you'll want to continue this monthly cycle of rereading ........


Day 1-Proverbs 1- The purpose of Proverbs

Day 2-Proverbs 2- The benefits of wisdom

Day 3-Proverbs 3- Trusting the Lord

Day 4-Proverbs 4- A Father's Advice to Live Well by Following Wisdom / The straight path

Day 5-Proverbs 5- The Pitfalls of Immorality

Day 6-Proverbs 6- Lessons for daily life: financial entanglements, laziness, the malicious man, what the Lord hates, and warnings against adultery

Day 7-Proverbs 7- Another warning about immorality

Day 8-Proverbs 8- Wisdom calls for a hearing

Day 9-Proverbs 9- Wisdom vs. Foolishness

Day 10-Proverbs 10-The Upright and the Wicked

Day 11-Proverbs 11-The Upright and the Wicked

Day 12-Proverbs 12-The Upright and the Wicked

Day 13-Proverbs 13-The Upright and the Wicked

Day 14-Proverbs 14-The Upright and the Wicked

Day 15-Proverbs 15-The Upright and the Wicked

Day 16-Proverbs 16-Life and Conduct

Day 17-Proverbs 17-Life and Conduct

Day 18-Proverbs 18-Life and Conduct

Day 19-Proverbs 19-Life and Conduct

Day 20-Proverbs 20-Life and Conduct

Day 21-Proverbs 21-Life and Conduct

Day 22-Proverbs 22-Precepts and Warnings

Day 23-Proverbs 23-Precepts and Warnings

Day 24-Proverbs 24-Precepts and Warnings

Day 25-Proverbs 25-Moral Lessons

Day 26-Proverbs 26-Moral Lessons

Day 27-Proverbs 27-Moral Lessons

Day 28-Proverbs 28- Proverbs Contrasting Good and Evil

Day 29-Proverbs 29- Proverbs Contrasting Good and Evil

Day 30-Proverbs 30-Warnings to Our Generation - The words of Agur

Day 31-Proverbs 31-A Worthy Woman - The words of Lemuel

Daily Discipline Table of Contents