By Ernest O'Neill

Physical Intercourse Starts in the Spirit

Rev. Ernest O'Neill

When two people who have been regenerated in their spirits by receiving the selfless uncreated dynamic energy that motivated Jesus, God’s Son.  When two people are enlivened and regenerated in their spirits by that supernatural life, and are beginning to be governed by it, when they first sense that God wants them to live with another person for life, their hearts are filled with a great sense of gratitude to him, and a great sense of respect for the other person.  They think of the other person as a son or daughter of the Most High God that has been given to them and they have a tremendous respect for them and a great desire to protect the other person’s dignity as long as they live on this earth together.

And when they sense that they should be together, there comes inside in their spirits, a great sense of fellowship.  And so their spirits really begin to interact first with each other and the Holy Spirit has come into each of their spirits from God and regenerated them, and then their two spirits join together.  That’s the first great delight they have in each other.  Great enjoyment in studying his dear word together, great enjoyment in praying together, a great excitement that the God of the whole universe has a purpose in bringing them together and so their spirits join together first and that’s the very first intercourse that they experience, just a delight in being together in the Father’s presence.

So the first time they go out together that’s really what they do, they pray at the end of the date or the beginning of the date and they enjoy that most of all and it’s their spirits that develop and strengthen each other.  And then as their spirits begin to influence their minds, and to create the image of Jesus in their minds, so they find that journey into each other’s mind that becomes satisfying in itself, and they begin to get to know each other as far as their thoughts are concerned.  And they begin to discuss what they think of God, what they think of life, what they think of the world, what they think of politics, what they think of books, what they think of ideas, and the two minds begin to come together.  And the mental intercourse is not just something that is an enclosed system but they find that the Spirit of Jesus in the other person coming through their mind with a slightly different flavor and fragrance to the way he is in their mind begins to correct them at times.  It begins to drive them more into Jesus at times and they find that there is a real intercourse that takes place, an intercourse that originally comes from Jesus’ Spirit in the other person.

It is so with their emotions.  The Holy Spirit begins to inference their emotions and their emotions begin to interact with each other and they begin to enjoy beautiful spring mornings together, they begin to enjoy summer afternoons together, they begin to enjoy painting, and music.  Their emotions begin to interact with each other until gradually they become more and more one person.  One person that is stronger than they were individually.  And so that mental and emotional intercourse follows the intercourse of their spirits and so for them the backseat of the car is not the main purpose of a date at all because they are a son and daughter of the most high king of the universe and they know how precious they are to each other, those parts of them that will never fade away because they’re both so conscience that these bodies will fade away in 70 years and eventually they won’t exist at all.  But these spirits of theirs, and these minds and emotions, and then these dear wills will live forever.

And gradually of course, the Holy Spirit begins to move through their wills and their wills begin to interact with each other and they begin to correct each other through their wills, and they begin to correct an overabundance of strength in one will, or a weakness in the other person’s will and their wills begin to want not only to get each other into heaven but their wills begin to unite in the purpose that God has put them here to fulfill.  And so the woman begins to compliment the man’s insight into his job and the man begins to share in the woman’s responsibilities in her job or at home, and so there begins to be a volitional intercourse that begins to affect their outward life.  And so before anything happens they have begun to have an intercourse that is intimate and that is personal, and that is filled with life.

So when these two people hold hands the world might look at them and see the hand holding, but for these two children of God the hand holding is only a physical expression of a complete mental, and emotional, and spiritual, and volitional intercourse that has already bound them as one and that is always there whether they hold hands or not.   There’s that sense of intimacy together and that sense of unity that makes them one.  So for them, the hand holding is really just a physical expression.

So it is when they kiss and when they embrace.  The exhilaration and the eternity of being completely and intimately known by another person is not in the kiss, or in the embrace, it’s in this whole interaction that takes place underneath that.  And it’s in that mental and emotional unity that is there all the time.  And the kiss or embrace can be there or may not be there, but for them it’s just the physical expression of their spirit continuing to come out through their bodies and everything that they do with their bodies is governed by that intercourse that has taken place within them.

So it is when at times the Spirit of Jesus in each of them directs them to draw both bodies together in physical intercourse.  For them it doesn’t matter whether it’s once a night, or once a week, or once a month.  Indeed, increasingly as they mature together as a personality, they realize that it is a kind of clumsy way of expressing the infinite depths of unity that they have come to sense in each other and they begin to find more and more that it is really a very inadequate way of expressing the intense intimacy and unity that they feel.

For them it’s not some kind of complex physical technique whereby you stimulate the other’s body to a point of climax.  For them it is not a preoccupation with really how we do it, or the way that we do it.  For them it is just an automatic expression of a great unity that is dearer to them than the joining together of the two bodies.  So loved ones, in a way the very relaxation, and the peace, and the confidence in their spirits that they are really meant for each other by the Lord God of the universe and the great certainty, and confidence, and peace, and relaxation that that brings, that’s what stimulates the secretion of the right fluids.  That’s what stimulates the relaxation of the body.

It isn’t so much the other person stimulating the body as this deep certainty and confidence that this is from God, and a great relaxation that comes from that, a great awareness and assurance that they are bound together from the very depths of their being.  And so the bodies are prepared for physical intercourse in a loving, gentle, relaxing way.