By Ernest O'Neill

Our Words Show Whether We Believe in Easter

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

Just begin. Think about it. If it doesn’t work this week, you have another wonderful 40 to 60 years to be miserable. So why not try it for a week and then you can get back into misery on your own.  It appeals, doesn’t it? It just seems right. The problem is that you think it’s too good to be true. But actually it is true, loved ones. That’s what Easter is about, that’s what Easter is.
So, I am not going to ask, do you believe in Easter?  I am going to ask, will you live Easter? Will you start living Easter in your home, by the words that you speak? Speak life, not death and God’s life will begin to move into the situation. Oh yes, it works. The situation will be changed. The situation will be solved.