By Colleen Donahue


The word "child" in Jewish culture had a double meaning. It meant a literal child or it could also mean a person young in their faith. A "child" is so important to God that Jesus has some very definite teaching to give each of us concerning our role in their lives.


Our Responsibility To Children and Those Younger in the Faith

Studies continued from Matthew 18:5-7, 10

Day 1- What is Christ's attitude to the child whether that means young in age or young in their faith?
Isaiah 40:11 / Matthew 18:14

Day 2- As adults, or people mature in our faith, we have a responsibility towards children and those that are children in the faith. We too must share Christ's attitude towards the young.
Acts 20:35 / Romans 14:1 / Romans 14:20 - 15:2

Day 3- And when we treat the young as Christ valued them, what are we really doing?
Matthew 10: 40,42 / Matthew 18:5 / Matthew 25:35-36, 40 / Luke 10:16 / 1 Corinthians 8:12

Day 4- If as adults we teach a "child" (used in both contexts) to sin or bring them into circumstances where they might meet with temptation we are in grave danger!
Matthew 18:6-7

To show the awful fate of a man or woman leading the young to sin Jesus used two analogies:
A. The millstone -- The millstone talked about here is not your household variety. It was a size needing an ox to move it.
B. The Sea -- The Jews feared the sea. It was a symbol to them of utter destruction. To them Heaven would be a place where there was no more sea. (Revelations 21:1). So the Lord in deliberately choosing BOTH these word pictures shows clearly our fate if we lead another to sin.

Day 5- A child is so important to God that Jesus gives us a glimpse behind the scenes in Heaven.
Matthew 18:10

Day 6- Our responsibility doesn't end at not leading the young to sin. We are responsible to see in every child (or person young in the faith) all the infinite possibilities they are for good and to see that we help them realize these. How is it that each of us can influence the young?
Deuteronomy 4:9 / Proverbs 13:24 / Proverbs 22:6,15

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