By Ernest O'Neill

There is Only One Cure for Carnality

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

The tragedy is that this disease will not only destroy your health, will not only destroy your body, but it will project yourself into lonely eternal darkness after this life is over, unless you get it remedied.

Loved ones, there is only one remedy for it and that is Jesus' death. That's the only remedy. There are thousands of people even in Christendom who say if you believe that, you'll be healed. It's dumb! Believing that the smallpox vaccine cures smallpox heals nobody unless you take the vaccine and apply it to your own life. It heals nothing. Loved ones, I plead with you, don't you see the great deception that runs through all of us here? We wouldn't dream of thinking that way. In ordinary medical problems, we wouldn't dream of it. You know you wouldn't. You know fine well that believing that smallpox vaccine cures smallpox does not cure smallpox. Believing it does not cure, only taking the vaccine cures.

Now it's the same with this dear death here that we remember here on this communion table. This death of Jesus will cure carnality in you.