By Ernest O'Neill

There is Only One Way to Live With Other People

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

So, brothers and sisters, first of all communion states that you and I are all alive today because of God's mercy. Therefore, we can only live one way with each other. So loved ones, there is no place for resentment against roommates. There is no place for a critical attitude towards husband or wife. There is no place for holding grievance against your friend or your colleague. We have no ground to stand on for that. We are in days of grace. We live because of God's mercy and because of His forgiveness.

The first thing you need to do to take communion this morning is to get rid of any judgment, criticism, or resentment against somebody else. Get rid of any demands that somebody else live up to your fine standards. Because you have failed utterly to live up to the standard of your Creator. So the first meaning of communion is God's mercy towards us. He does not deal with us according to our sins nor reward us according to our iniquities.

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