By Ernest O'Neill

There is Nobody Else Like You!

Rev. Ernest O'Neill

This is a special Sunday because you could start everything anew today in your own life. That's why it's important. Do you remember that the reason we all know you're different from us, you personally, is not just because your name is different, (because actually there are probably several Johns here or Jeans or Peters or Margarets), but because none of the rest of us in this room are the same as you, none of us. You are absolutely different from everybody else in this room and the more amazing fact is that you're absolutely different from everybody else in America. There's nobody else like you. There are some people that look like you but there's nobody else exactly like you. Then, the absolutely astounding fact is that there is no one in the rest of the world like you. You're different from everybody.

When you die there will cease to exist a person that can never and will never be reproduced again. So, you are special, and I am not saying that to make you feel good. I am saying that loved ones because it is a fact that your Creator has made you different from the rest of us. He has put you here to do something and to be something that none of the rest of us can be or will be. And if you are not that, then it will never be lived. If you don't express what of the Creator you're here to express, then that part of the Creator will never be expressed in that way. That's a fact.