By Colleen Donahue

The world divided into two parts (BC and AD) with the coming of Jesus Christ the Son of God. Since the time of Jesus Christ indifference has been one of man's greatest sins. In Jesus, we are confronted with God, and every person must decide for themselves what to do with Christ. We are for him or against him but there is .....


No Neutrality

Studies continued from Matthew 12


Day 1- Here in one sentence Jesus tells us that there is no possibility of neutrality. We are either with Him or against Him. W.C. Allen writes: "In this war against Satan's strongholds there are only two sides, for Christ or against Him, gathering with Him or scattering with Satan."
Matthew 12: 30 / (Also recorded in Luke 11:23)

Men want to stay neutral because they shrink away from anything that might be disturbing. They are afraid of what people think more than of what God thinks. And the challenge of living for Christ can take us out of our false security and comfort.

Day 2- When we say we are Christians but try to walk a path of neutrality what happens to us?
1. Religious indifference - Matthew 24:12
2. We become unfit for the Kingdom - Luke 9:62
3. We are quick to change allegiance - Galatians 1:6
4. There is divine displeasure - Hebrews 10:30-31
5. We are overcome by the world - 2 Peter 2:20
6. There is loss of spiritual enthusiasm - Revelations 2: 4

Day 3- There is another statement which Christ spoke --recorded in Mark and Luke -- that appears to be in direct contrast to Matthew 12:30 and Luke 11:23.
Mark 9:40 / Luke 9:50

Jesus spoke this statement when his disciples tried to stop a man from casting out devils in Christ's name. They had done this because he was not one of their company -- their inner circle.

William Barclay in his "Daily Bible Study Series" makes this comment in regards to these seemingly opposite statements of Christ:
" 'He that is NOT with me is against me' , is a test that we ought to apply to ourselves. Am I truly on the Lord's side, or am I trying to shuffle through life in a state of cowardly neutrality?
'He that is not against us is for us' is a test that we ought to apply to others. Am I tolerant? Am I given to condemning everyone who does not speak with my theology and worship with my liturgy and share my ideas? Am I limiting the kingdom of God to those who think as I do?
The saying in Matthew 12:30 is a challenge and a test to apply to ourselves; the saying in Mark and Luke is a saying to apply to others; for we must ever judge ourselves with sternness and other people with tolerance."

Day 4- What was characteristic of a Jew in regards to anyone claiming to be a messenger from God?
Matthew 12: 38 / Luke 11: 16 / John 2:18 / 1 Corinthians 1:22

Day 5 - What was at the heart of their demands for a miraculous sign?
Matthew 13:58 / Luke 22: 67 / John 3:11 / John 12: 37

Day 6- And how did Jesus respond to this request?
Matthew 12: 39

Day 7- In calling them an adulterous generation Jesus is referring to their covenant with God their bridge groom. The word adulterous here means apostate which is infidelity to God from which all sin springs.
1 Chronicles 5:25 / Psalm 106: 39-40 / Hosea 4:11-12 / Hosea 5:4-6 / I Timothy 4: 1 / 2 Peter 3:17

Day 8- The wicked people of Nineveh listened to Jonah and repented. The Queen of Sheba listened to Solomon's wisdom. Now Jesus, the Son of God has come and will we listen? In these verses Jesus is saying "I am God's sign!" But they failed to recognize him.
Matthew 12: 40-42 / Luke 16:31 / John 1:11

Day 9- If we acknowledge Jesus as God's son what is true for us?
John 1:12 / 1 John 4: 15

Day 10- But if we deny Christ through either our indifference or outright rejection, what is also true?
Matthew 10:33 / Mark 8:38 / 2 Timothy 2:12 / 1 John 2:22-23

The Pharisees looked with their own physical eyes upon the greatest sign that God ever gave, and they rejected him. What will you do with Jesus Christ?


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