No Need for Light

Lighthouse Hill by Edward Hopper

It's a beautiful and sunny day as we look upon Lighthouse Hill. There stands the lighthouse ready to send its signal along with the lonely home of the lighthouse keeper. All looks vacant and empty. No signals are being given.

When there is no darkness and when there are no storms there is little need for warnings from a lighthouse or its keeper. But let it get dark, stormy and dangerous and a sailor is apt to look diligently for the signals and sounds of lighthouse hill.

This picture reminds me that when all is well and bright in our lives there is no need for the light of God. We can steer the ship of our life quite well on our own. But let things get dark and troublesome and we find ourselves eagerly searching for God. Where is He and how do I get to Him?

God uses the hard, dark and even evil things to refocus our attention to Him -- the light of the universe.

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