A New Confidence in Business

by Colleen Donahue


For over 25 years I have been a sales representative along the East Coast of the United States visiting retail stores with my products. For those who aren't familiar with a sales rep's life, it means a third to a half of the time is spent in driving. I have always been directionally challenged and have spent many of these years driving with a map under my thumb especially in major cities. When GPS technology stated to hit the market my colleagues bought me one for my birthday. (I think they knew I would never spend the money for one on my own).

Now that I owned such expensive technology, I felt obligated to use it while still keeping my maps handy in the car. I was often skeptical about the direction it was giving me and would argue with the thing. Then it would say back to me, "Your route is being recalculated." Slowly but surely I have gotten to trust that the GPS knows ways that I don't know and for the most part can be trusted. As I have trusted the directions being called out to me I have found a real rest in my driving and even in my life. No longer do I pour over maps writing out my directions and hunting for street addresses.


I now get into the car with my address and "plug it into the GPS". Seldom am I arguing with my GPS these days. Instead, driving in the toughest city is one of rest. If I misunderstand a direction it quickly corrects my mistake and I am soon back on track. This GPS technology has taught me so much about living my Christian life following the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Christianity is different from all other religions in that God Himself has chosen to live within us.

When the resurrected Jesus was about to leave the earth, he said that it was better for us that He go away. As a man on earth, Jesus could only be one place at a time. But now, he wanted to pour out his Spirit (called the Holy Spirit) upon mankind. The Holy Spirit is Jesus' own spirit without his body. When the Holy Spirit was poured out on Pentecost it meant that He was now able to be all over the world at one time because He now uses our bodies as his home. When our sins are forgiven, our guilt is removed, and our consciences are cleansed, then our lives are ready to receive God's Spirit. And indeed this must happen if we are to have the new nature God promises us.

One of the Holy Spirit's roles is to guide us into all truth. God is practical and this guidance from the Holy Spirit is like an internal GPS. He sees the big picture while we see only what's in front of our noses. A new Christian can often be found arguing with the Holy spirit but gradually as you obey His direction you find things turning out that are beyond your understanding.


I have found this true in business. I plan way ahead of time to have a week full of appointments on the road. Sometimes things go as planned. But often as not, some things fall through and occasionally ALL my plans fall through! It's then that I look to the Holy Spirit and ask, "Lord where do you want me to go? I did my best plan but you obviously have another way. Please show me." Then I just settle down inside to "listen". Usually, some store name comes to mind, or some area I was thinking I should go to when I found the time. Those are the clues to where I should go and what I should do.

Over and over I have found that when I follow the Holy Spirit's lead it produces results that I could not have planned on my own. Listening, trusting, and obeying is now more the norm in my business. I still plan carefully but now I am quicker to turn those plans over to the Lord and listen to the Holy Spirit's "still small voice". He is my internal GPS.

His guidance has given me new confidence on the road. We are in a partnership together. I am dependent on His ability to see the big picture and He is dependent on me to act out what He is putting on my heart. It's a winning team for any business.