By Colleen Donahue

If you are a mother reading this you will have special insight into Mary's heart and mind as she watched her dear son be mocked, tortured and then die on the cross (the most cruel form of death at that time). The pain and sorrow was like nothing she would ever experience again but there was also nothing that could have drawn her away from being with Jesus until the end.

The cross had become like a magnet drawing hearts that were open and ready and one of the most notable that we will look at in this study is Christ's mother.

Drawn to the Cross: Christ's Mother


Thirty three years prior to this day of crucifixion the time had come for God to step onto the planet earth. It was time to carry out a plan of redemption for man that had been set in place before the foundation of the world.

Day 1- The young girl Mary had been chosen by God as the vehicle in which he would arrive. As you read these verses write down everything that we can learn about Mary.
Luke 1:26-33

Now reread these same verses and write down everything that can be learned about the person of God that would be coming.

Day 2- What question did Mary have uppermost in her mind?
Luke 1:34

How did the Angel Gabriel answer this?
Luke 1:35

Day 3- This idea of God "overshadowing" had occurred before in scripture. In Genesis we see God "brooding" or overshadowing the void in creation. Then in Exodus He overshadowed the tabernacle, temple and Ark of the Covenant.
Genesis 1:2 / Exodus 40:34-35

Day 4- We learn in Luke 1:30-35 that a boy would be born through a virgin that would be conceived not by man but by the power of God. From this union of human with divine, a child would be born who was the Son of God. This event (of a virgin conceiving) was one of the signs that this truly was "God with us" or Immanuel.
Isaiah 7:14

Day 5- Mary not only cooperates but gives herself wholeheartedly to the purpose of God.
Luke 1:38

In choosing to obey, Mary reverses the disobedience of Eve so that Christ might reverse the fall of Adam.

Day 6- We learn that after eight days had passed from Jesus' birth, Mary (according to Jewish law and custom) had brought Jesus to the temple to be circumcised. Simeon the priest was on duty. He took the child in his arms and spoke some remarkable words.
Luke 2:29-32

Notice Mary and Joseph's reaction to his words.
Luke 2:33

While they knew their child was special they still didn't understand just HOW special.

Day 7- After Simeon the priest blessed Jesus he gave a prophecy to Mary with four parts. The first three parts relate to Jesus but the fourth part was for her. She must have pondered it all her life.
Luke 2:34-35

For Mary the crucifixion is anchored in the incarnation.


Mary, along with her sister, the wife of Clopas (also Mary) and Mary Magdalene (John 19:25) have followed Jesus through Jerusalem to Golgotha (the place of the skulls). At some point the disciple John came alongside to accompany and support them.

Day 8- Now in the midst of his own agony Jesus looks down from the cross and has compassion on his mother and John. What final care does He take for them both?
John 19:26-27

Grief can turn to healing when it's shared and Jesus knew that they would both need one another.

Day 9- Calling his mother, "dear woman", was a term of respect and endearment but it could also be a reference to THE WOMAN who would crush Satan's power through her seed.
Genesis 3:15

For the moment no one knew it but a prophecy was being fulfilled and Mary was "THE WOMAN" spoken of in Genesis 3:15.

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