MPGC11 - THE LAST SUPPER - Jesus Imparts His Legacy to His Disciples and to Us

By Colleen Donahue

We do not know that all the words Jesus is telling his disciples were spoken at the actual table of the last supper. Most likely they were not, for in John 14:31 Jesus says, "Come now, let us leave." The next scene of Christ's passion and death would be in the Garden of Gethsemane. It stands that many of the last minute things Jesus is telling his disciples is while they are walking to that place.

Time seems to be catapulting forward at a rapid pace now. I'm sure Jesus was not speaking hurriedly to them or with frantic alarm. Yet, He was no doubt focused in telling them some key things. Later, when He was gone they would be able to remember these things and hold onto them like rungs on a ladder.

This study will focus again on the three chapters in John's gospel -- John 14-16. In this study we'll look at the legacy Jesus is leaving his disciples. This same legacy is for us as well -- even centuries later.

THE LAST SUPPER - Jesus Imparts His Legacy to His Disciples and to Us

The Legacy of the Holy Spirit

Even though I repeat myself in this study regarding the Holy Spirit, it cannot be said often enough how important it is for every believer to know and receive the Holy Spirit for themselves. The Holy Spirit is Christ's greatest legacy to His children.

Day 1- Why does Jesus say that it is actually better for you and I if He goes away?
John 16:7

Day 2- WHO will be qualified to receive the Holy Spirit?
John 14:15

Day 3- Who will give the Holy Spirit?
John 14:16 / John 15:26

Day 4- Where will He live so we can access his help?
John 14:17

Day 5- What will He help us to do?
John 14:26

Day 6- What else will the Holy Spirit do?
John 16:8-11

Day 7- One of the greatest works of the Holy Spirit will be to bring God's truth to men (through revelation) in all areas of life. Notice how Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit in these verses.
John 16:12-15

This truth is not just confined to theological truth but covers every area of life. We see man at work thinking and experimenting, studying, contemplating and more experiment. Then suddenly the solution comes and the answer is GIVEN to us! This is the working of the Holy Spirit revealing God's truth. It is not man's discovery but God's gift. At the back of all truth is God whether man recognizes it or not.

The Holy Spirit will enable God to always be with us. God will no longer be far off and only accessed by a priest. He will be within every believer's heart where we can talk with Him at any time. Jesus will lift the veil that divides us from God so that every believer will now have direct access to Him twenty four hours a day and seven days a week! It's no wonder Jesus said it was better that He go away!

The Legacy of Peace

Day 8- After the Holy Spirit, what is our greatest treasure in a world full of trouble, problems, sin and sorrow?
John 14: 27

Day 9- In the verse you just read (John 14:27) the peace Christ will leave his disciples is that peace a person has when they are now reconciled with God. It is spoken of in ....
Romans 5:1

"My peace" Christ gives to us is his own self.
Ephesians 2:14a

Day 10- How does Christ's peace differ from the world's peace?
A- It is a blessing from God and comes from outside ourselves
Psalm 29:11

B- It is abundant to us when we love God and His word and live by it.
Psalm 119:165

C-It is constant. A person who gets wisdom and understanding from God's word will walk in pleasant and peaceful paths.
Proverbs 3:17

D- It's perfect or complete when we walk through life trusting in God.
Isaiah 26:3

E- It is like a river in that it flows on and on never stopping or drying up.
Isaiah 48:18

F-Christ's peace is like a guard that patrols and keeps our heart and mind.
Philippians 4:7

Day 11- This true peace is found in only one place.
John 16:33

Day 12- True peace is only possible for us because of what Jesus was about to suffer instead of us. True peace was made available when Jesus shed His blood on the cross for us.
Isaiah 53:5 / Acts 10:36 / Colossians 1:20-22

Day 13- What role is this legacy of peace to play in your life?
Colossians 3:15

The world's peace comes by trying to keep ourselves from pain and trouble. We escape to it by getting away from the hustle and bustle of life. But with Christ's peace we live as though we were in the eye of the storm. Problems and troubles surround us and yet we walk straight through them with the calm and certainty of men and women who know their God.

The Legacy of Friendship

Day 14- Who will Jesus call his friends?
John 15:14

Day 15- Formerly the disciples were servants of God. Now they will be counted among the friends of God. What will happen as a result of this change?
John 15:15

Day 16- How was Jesus about to prove this legacy of friendship?
John 15:13

Day 17- It is a startling fact that we do not choose to be God's friend and servant. He is the one who has chosen us! There are three startling facts that Jesus tells us as his friends in this one verse. List them out.
John 15:16

To What Are We Chosen and Called?

Day 18- First we are chosen to partner with God in accomplishing His work on earth. As you read these verses list some of what we'll be doing.
2 Corinthians 3:6 / 2 Corinthians 5:18 / Ephesians 3:7 / 1 Timothy 1:12

Day 19- Who qualifies for this partnership?
1 Corinthians 1: 26-29

Many have objected that they are not worthy of this honor. But in these verses God makes it clear why he chooses us. Reread them carefully. If the apostles were rough, uneducated men, they were about to set the world on end! Jesus knows what he is doing in choosing us.

Day 20- It is only in partnership with God that we are chosen to bear fruit for God that will last.
John 15:4-5,8,16a

Day 21- We are chosen for love.
John 15:9-10,12-13, 17

The love spoken of here is the "agape" love that Jesus displayed with all those he ministered to. It is love that is unconditional. It is love that is given without any thought of return. It is only possible to walk in love like this when we do so in partnership with God.

Day 22- We are chosen for joy.
John 15:11

This verse follows others that speak of our necessity to abide in Christ and He in us. (John 15:4-10) Christ's joy will be in the disciples and us because Jesus is planning to live within us through the Holy Spirit. His joy within us will be like an ever flowing fountain that will cause our joy to be full to overflowing. Here is how the amplified Bible puts this verse.

"I have told you these things, that My joy and delight may be in you, and that your joy and gladness may be of full measure and complete and overflowing." John 15:11 AMP

Day 23- Finally we are chosen for victory.
John 16:33 / Revelations 17:14

Day 24- We are able to overcome because Christ has done so first. Our overcoming qualifies us to sit with Jesus in the Heavenly places at His Father's throne.
Revelations 3:21

When we know our victory is certain then we can go through whatever looks like defeat with assurance.

Let The New Covenant Begin!

With the pouring out of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples (to occur after Christ's death and resurrection), the New Covenant period would begin. This is the period that we live in now. It is a period of grace. As long as Jesus Christ was alive He could only be one place at a time. But when He poured out His Spirit it enabled Him to minister to all men everywhere at the same time. The legacy of the Holy Spirit, peace with God, and friendship with God would be vital as the disciples went forward to continue Christ's work. This same legacy is vital for us today as well. It is only as we partner with God that we will be able to work for God.

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