Meaning and Purpose - Part 1- Man's Need For Restoration

INTRODUCTION - By Colleen Donahue



King Solomon once said, "As a man thinks, so he is." (Proverbs 23:7 KJV) If our ideas and thoughts are wrong and we follow in them, then our actions become wrong and soon a whole life has been misdirected. And that has been the sad truth for much of mankind as we have struggled to "find ourselves", our purpose and the power to carry it all out. How many have come to the end of life with an emptiness and sneaking suspicion that they never arrived at what they were created to be and do? Our lives can be full of busyness and activity without doing, "the one thing needful."

There is hope for man if we reconnect with the source of all creation and find out what He originally had in mind. What was the Creator's original concept for planet earth and especially for men and women who were the "apple of his eye"? What is his plan for you? This course is about the original purpose for your existence and the source of meaning behind your life. We will rediscover God's original idea that has been lost in a cloud of religion.

God's original idea was a kingdom -- not a religion. If you have grown up in the West, the concept of kingdom doesn't exist any more and there are no more kingdoms left in the western world. "So we live in a generation where the true meaning of the greatest message ever told can't be fully understood."
Dr. Myles Monroe

This course will enable us to discover afresh what true kingdom living was meant to be as presented by our Creator. The Kingdom of God was to be superior to anything man has established in the way of religion, political ideology, government systems or social programs.

But, if for centuries man has gone down the wrong path, can we as individuals redirect our way today? That answer is "Yes" and it will start with a redirection of our thinking. So keep an open mind and heart as you dig into scripture to find what God's original intention is for your life.


The greatest longing within the human heart is for answers to the meaning and purpose of life. If you destroy man's sense of destiny and purpose he becomes little more than a beast. And that has been what much of man has become over the centuries. We have missed what God originally had in mind when he created all of us.

Unfortunately, even those who believe in God still tend to relate everything around their own life rather than from God's point of view. We get lost in our own myopic view points and miss the big picture. That's why there is so much disagreement and discord. Every one of us holds tight to our finite point of view without integrating it into the whole.

In this study we lift ourselves out of time and into eternity so that we can see God's point of view. For to Him the past and the future are all NOW and everything is one eternal moment.

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