By Ernest O'Neill

Marriage Means Being Stretched

Rev. Ernest O'Neill

Marriage is there to stretch you and to change you and as you endeavor to love the other person in truth and in spirit, that’s what will happen to you.  But loved ones, it’s a stretching.  I’d plead with you, I’d plead with you, what’s killing our world is that nobody will stretch over to the other person and eventually you know, Tennessee Williams is right, you remember in his preface to that ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ he said, “We’re all condemned to solitary confinement within our own skins,” and that’s the way society is going.  It is you know that.  It’s going more and more to isolation.  And do you see it’s because people won’t stretch over to each other.  Sure it takes dying to what you want and dying to your own convenience, but that’s why the Father has put you together, to stretch over to each other and to love each other.