Man's Problem and God's Cure

Introduction- Man's Problem and God's Cure
By Colleen Donahue

Part 1 - The Plan From Eternity
Christ's Death and Resurrection
 - What happened?

MPGC1 - The Plan
We learn in this first class that Christ's death and resurrection was planned by God and Jesus. It was then implemented when the time was right. Jesus was not put to death. He chose to die.

MPGC2- Blind Unbelief That Led to Christ's Death
How does it happen that man becomes so hardened and blind that he can no longer respond to the truth? We learn in this study how we can lose the ability to recognize goodness and truth.

MPGC3- Judas Betrays Christ
How could Judas that had walked so closely with Jesus become the one to betray him? Could we be vulnerable ourselves to commit such an act of treachery?

MPGC4 - The Last Supper: The End and the Beginning
This Passover feast would have one last time of teaching for Jesus and the disciples. The Passover event in history was soon to become a final reality as Christ our Passover lamb would take his place as the final sacrifice for all men. These are not just interesting intellectual concepts. They are vital for every man and woman today that is in their own unique bondage and longs to be free.

MPGC5 - The Last Supper: A New Covenant - Our Secret to Freedom
Jesus was soon to be the fulfillment of the old covenant and the mediator of the new covenant. What does this mean and how does it apply to us today? If you are tired of trying and failing then be glad. You are ready for the revelation of the new covenant which is our secret to freedom!

MPGC6- The Last Supper: A Final Lesson in Love - Part 1
When the Lord hears his disciples bickering at this final, sacred hour together he sees his opportunity for a final lesson in love and what it means to serve.

MPGC7- The Last Supper: A Final Lesson in Love - Part 2
A dispute had broken out among the disciples at the Passover feast and Jesus used it as a final teaching moment. While Luke records what Jesus said, John records what Jesus did. It was to be a lesson that they would never forget.

MPGC8- The Last Supper: Reward and Predictions
When Christ's last lesson in love was over he had a reward for his band of disciples. But after the reward came some very startling predictions!

MPGC9- The Last Supper: Bad News
The disciples were stunned by the news that Jesus was telling them. The Lord delivered the bad news in between comfort and love like a sandwich with tough meat.

MPGC10- The Last Supper: Christ's Comfort to His Disciples and To Us
Jesus knew that his dear disciples were frightened and grief stricken with what He had just told them. But now he tells them some of the best news that they could ever hear. This news is not for them only but for us today as well.

MPGC11- The Last Supper: Jesus Imparts His Legacy to His Disciples and To Us
In this study we focus on the legacies that Jesus is leaving to his disciples mentioned in John 14-16. These same legacies are also left to us centuries later.

MPGC12- Jesus Prays for Us!
In this study of John 17 we get a glimpse into what Jesus prays for his disciples and for us! We'll learn what is important to Jesus to pray for.

MPGC13- The Garden of Gethsemane - "Thy Will Be Done"
Gethsemane was the first step in freeing Christ's spirit to return to God. In the garden, Christ's soul was opened to accept and embrace God's will. "Our Gethsemane" is where our minds face the facts about something, our emotions settle down to a calm that enables our will to choose what God wants rather than what we want.

MPGC14 - On Trial Before the Jewish Leaders
Once arrested, Christ would undergo four trials. The first two trials would be before the Jewish leaders. Jesus is the one on trial but the Jewish leaders would be revealed as the men they really were.

MPGC15- Meanwhile ... Peter
We'll look in this study at the dangerous path that led to Peter's denial of Jesus. It's the same path that leads to our own denial of Jesus when we commit sin.

MPGC16- Christ's Trial Before the Roman Authorities
We'll look in this study at how the Jews came up with charges that would condemn Jesus before the Jewish people and the Romans. Going on trial before the Romans was the only way the Jews could have Jesus put to death.

MPGC17- Drawn To the Cross: Simon of Cyrene - What To Do When Trouble is Forced Upon You
What do we do when trouble is forced upon us? We'll find our answer to this by studying an event in Simon of Cyrene's life when he was forced to carry Christ's cross.

MPGC18 - Drawn To the Cross: Christ's Mother
The cross had become like a magnet drawing hearts that were open and ready. In this study we will look at Christ's mother who didn't realize it but was fulfilling a prophecy even while she stood there in her grief.

MPGC19- Drawn To the Cross: The Penitent Thief - An Eleventh Hour Salvation
Whenever Jesus comes among men they have a choice to make concerning him. We'll see this clearly when Jesus is placed between two thieves on the cross.

MPGC20 - Drawn To the Cross: Barabbas, The Soldiers, The Jewish Leaders
At all executions there was a cast of characters present representing every kind of man and attitude. In this study we look at Barabbas, the soldiers, and the Jewish leaders present at Christ's crucifixion.

MPGC21- Drawn To the Cross: The Women, Mary Magdalene, Nicodemus, Joseph of Arimathea
Jesus did have some friends in the crowd which must have comforted him a great deal. This is our last study looking at some of the individual characters that were waiting at the cross. We look first at the "waiting women" and then to Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea.

MPGC22- The Last Words - Seven Statements From the Cross
The last words of anyone's life are important. Jesus made seven statements from the cross and this study looks at six of them so that we can see their significance then and also for today.

MPGC23- Death and Burial
As we walk through Christ's death and burial we'll witness with the crowd some of the strange events that occurred and make some sense of them.

MPGC24- The Resurrection
Despite all the evil plans of men, death could not hold Jesus in the grave. The fact of the resurrection changed the world at that time and continues to change it today. Because of the Resurrection Jesus is not someone to be studied but to be met!

MPGC25- Was the Risen Jesus The Same as the Buried Jesus?
Was the Jesus that rose from the dead the same Jesus that was buried? We'll look carefully in this study at the wonderful transformation that occurred in the tomb and how this actually affects us in a big way today.

MPGC26-The Days After the Resurrection
In the days following the resurrection the Lord had one more thing to do before he left earth. He had to convince his sorrowful, fearful disciples that he still loved them and that he was a risen Lord that had broken the power of death.

Part 2 - "It Is Finished"
What God Has Provided For Us And How We Can Appropriate It For Our Own Lives

It Is Finished - An introduction
In part one of this course we looked at what actually happened in the days before and after Christ's death on the cross. Now, in part 2 of this course we'll look at what Christ has accomplished for every person and how they can appropriate it into their lives.

MPGC27- What Man Originally Had and Lost
Every man and woman born begins with a sense that they were created for a purpose. But in time -- in the course of life -- we become resigned to how life actually is instead of what it was meant to be. Why do we feel that life as we know it was not the way it was supposed to be?

MPGC28 - How Sin and the Power It Has Over Us Was Dealt With
Jesus has restored our right standing with God by dealing with the sins we have committed as well as the power that sin has over us to keep us sinning. We learn in this study HOW God through his son Jesus did this.

MPGC29- How To Take What Jesus Has Done FOR You and Make It Your Own - Part 1
Why is it that even Christians can still find themselves powerless against one or two sins that seem to hold them hostage? In this study we begin to learn how to take what Jesus has done for us and make it our own.

MPGC30- How To Take What Jesus Has Done FOR You and Make It Your Own - Part 2
We continue in this study to learn how to take what Jesus has done for us and make it our own. While Jesus has done a miracle for all of us in his death and resurrection, we now need to appropriate all He has given to us for our own lives. This will look at how we practically can do this.

MPGC31- The Curse Has Been Cancelled - Part 1
What are the curses we are under that Christ has cancelled for us by his death on the cross? This study looks at blessings and curses and how they can affect our lives.

MPGC32- The Curse Has been Cancelled - Part 2
In this study we learn how we can appropriate the release from a curse so that we can walk free from the shadow of a curse into all the blessing that God has for us.

MPGC33- Satan is Defeated
When Jesus died and rose from the dead Satan was defeated. But even in his defeated state he still operates as though he has power. He holds no power over us unless we choose to give it. He is real, but he is disarmed and defeated.

MPGC34- How Do We Overcome Our Enemies? -Part 1
The death of Christ on the cross was the defeat of Satan and as believers we no longer need to be under his power. Although defeated, Satan still roams the earth looking for unsuspecting suspects that he can devour. This study helps us to learn how we can overcome the enemy.

MPGC35- How Do We Overcome Our Enemies? -Part 2
In this study we look at the sixth step in overcoming our enemies. It's the principle of being vigilant and on guard all the time and is illustrated by the historic event of Nehemiah when he went back to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls of the city.

MPGC36- Delivered From This World and The Present Evil Age- Part 1
God has made a way for us to be in this world but no longer under the dominion of it. Whatever controls the world no longer needs to control me or you. In the next two studies we look at how this is possible.

MPGC37- Delivered From This World and The Present Evil Age- Part 2
Repent, believe and walk by faith are the ways that we walk out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of light. These are decisions we make in our deliverance from this present evil age

MPGC38- From Sickness to Health - Part 1
Disease, pain and death were not part of God's original plan. We'll learn in this study that Christ's death on the cross recovered all that we lost in the fall and that includes our health.

MPGC39- From Sickness to Health - Part 2
In part 2 of this study we'll focus on questions that all of us have regarding health and healing.

MPGC40- The Curse of Poverty Has Been Broken - Part 1
Man is in a cycle of poverty, either physical or spiritual, which is the result of sin. But God does not mean for us to live this way. Jesus put an end to the curse of poverty on the cross and we'll learn in this study how we are meant to be children blessed by our Heavenly Father.

MPGC41- The Curse of Poverty Has Been Broken - Part 2
In this study we'll look at what abundance, prosperity and blessing mean as well as what God's provision for us includes.

MPGC42- Out of Poverty
Most of mankind lives in a cycle of poverty; either spiritual or physical. But God's plan was that we would have a life of sufficiency and abundance to do all the work we were meant to do here on earth.

MPGC43 - It Is Finished!
Three of Christ's last words were, "It is finished." Those words have a meaning for every man and woman. In this study we look at what it meant for Jesus, the Jews, for Gentiles, for Satan and for God the Father.

MPGC44 - Just Like Jesus
Christ's mission on earth was to restore us to be God's own people that would be just like Jesus. We'll look in this study how we go about changing to become like Him.

MPGC45 - Saved and Remade to Serve
We are saved by God's grace so that we can be remade into the men and women that God originally intended us to be. We are saved and remade so that we can continue Christ's work here on earth.

Man's Problem, God's Cure - Final Thoughts
This is a final summary of this course as once again we see what God originally intended for man, what we lost and why it is that we need to be saved. God's cure is the best news any of us can ever hear. It means that any and everyone of us can choose to start over and no one is ever too old to do so.


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