By Ernest O'Neill

Living Independent of God

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

Do you understand that it's not just that God doesn't like lies? Do you know that? It's not just that God is terribly offended by the sight of fornication; it's not just that. It's that God knows the fornication comes because you live independently of him. You want your enjoyment and not what he wants you to enjoy. You lie because you don't trust him with the consequences of what will happen if you don't lie to get yourself out of that difficult situation. That's what God sees as sin. It's the attitude, the distrust of him. You live in this world as if you're on your own.

You live in this world as if you're on your own. You think, "Poor little me, I am on my own, I am lonely." But you see that's a great offense to God, do you see that? If you were a dad and you had your children in your home and you saw your children worrying themselves to death about whether they'd get any food at night, you know how that would offend you and cut your heart open because your whole heart was set on them. You're ready to provide them with the food.

So, you see, you live in this world on your own thinking, "Oh poor me, I am here on my own. I am going to do my best." But it's not just poor you, you are thrusting God's gifts into his face. You're offending him by your own independence of him and the father knows that if he ever allowed you to come into his eternal presence, you would destroy any heaven of trust and love that there was there. That's why the angst.

Loved ones, if God had to destroy you, it wouldn't be just your physical body. Do you see that? It wouldn't just be your physical body. He'd have to destroy every inch of you, every thousandth and millionth of an inch of you, right the whole way through. He'd have to destroy your body. He'd have to destroy your emotions. He'd have to destroy your mind. He'd have to destroy your will. Then he'd have to go in and destroy your spirit and wipe you out and exterminate you completely. Either that or He’ll have to commit you into a place somewhere in the universe where you can go on being what you want to be destroying yourself forever.