Lights in the World

Friends by Fedot Sychkov

It's wintertime in what looks to be a village area of Russia. The girls are dressed in brightly colored local costumes. The cold of winter is eclipsed by the sunshine and the smiles of these two girls. They've been on a walk together and you have the feeling that they have really enjoyed being together. They are relaxed and happy.

The artist allows us the privilege to be a part of their friendship. They both look at us as if to say, "Come join us." One seems shy and the other more outgoing but both have kindly inviting eyes and welcoming personalities. There is a happiness about these girls that makes us want to be part of it.

The light from within them shines forth through their ruddy faces. This painting is a beautiful illustration of Christ's words in Matthew 5:14, "You are the light of the world."

We are meant to be like lanterns glowing in this dark world so that others can find their way to God. Our faces should reflect the fact that we are cared for by a Heavenly Father that loves us. We are the apple of his eye and that should bring gladness to all our hearts.

Our friendship with God has a daily excitement about it and we will find ourselves wanting others to be a part of it. Even if our light is only the size of a lit match it is still enough to dispel the darkness.

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