Light in Our Darkness

Disappointed Love by Frances Danley

Has there been anyone of us that hasn't been disappointed by love? When we love someone, the deepest part of us is exposed, leaving us vulnerable and wishing we had never allowed ourselves to be opened and laid bare. Like the maiden in the picture, we retire to a lonely, dark spot where we can lick our wounds and gain some kind of comfort in locking our heart up tight.

While the scene around the girl is dark and subdued, the spot where she sits is incredibly bright. That is because God has light for us even amidst our darkest times. He is forever lighting up our path and trying to redirect us. The problem is that the maiden cannot see the light. She is buried in herself. Her gaze is down and inside where there is little light.

To receive the light that God has for us, we must look up and away -- up to God and away from self. Even passing through the pains of love, God has something to teach us. He has a love to give us that can never fail us. He is always trustworthy in contrast to man. Even if you try to hide your heart in protection, it will never be hidden from God. He knows and sees the deepest parts of us. He will be ever so gentle with your heart. If the girl just looks up a little, she will see the bright yellow buds of the lily pad, and the reflection of herself in the water. God wants to lift us from our gloom. Don't let disappointments keep you from experiencing the light of Heaven.

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