25-Life in the Kingdom of God -
Promises and Benefits for Kingdom of God Citizens
By Colleen Donahue


When the time was coming for Jesus to leave the world and return to the Father, he was like most parents would be to their children. He had last minute instructions, gifts, and promises.

1. Jesus could see how sad and anxious his disciples were getting with each fresh reminder that he would soon be leaving. What gift did he promise them, and every Kingdom of God citizen, who would remain in this world?
John 14:27a

Jesus leaves all Kingdom of God citizens with HIS peace -- a peace that meets all the wants of our mind and heart. It silences the alarms of our conscience and give us rest even amidst pain and trial. It's the peace of a friend who will never leave us because he has given us His Spirit to indwell our own and to do so forever. For this reason Jesus repeats two times this admonition.
John 14:1, 27b

Jesus will give us his peace but we must "Let not our hearts be troubled..."

2. While Jesus was giving his last minute instructions to the disciples, he suddenly turned his face to the Father and prayed out loud for all of them to hear. In this part of Christ's prayer what is the one main request He asks of the King Father?
John 17:11-15

Like any parent leaving their children, Jesus provides for our safety. He knows that the evil one will be hard at work to pull us away from the family of God. The Devil cannot touch us unless we give way to him. Jesus has already prayed for us and the Father keeps us safe.

3. So, as Kingdom of God citizens left here in the world -- what gives us confidence to go before God to ask him for what we need?
1 John 3:21-22

Then in case we aren't sure what the command of God is, the next verse sums it up for us.
1 John 3:23

What is promised to us when we obey God's commands?
1 John 3:24

This wonderful promise that we will always remain in fellowship with God because the Holy Spirit indwells us, is the way that God originally created man to be before sin entered the world. It was always his intention that you and I would walk through life in partnership with Him and that is the privilege of all that are in the family of God.

4. If we are faithful from when we first believe in Christ right to the end of our life, what will we share in?
Hebrews 3:14

The idea of being partakers of Christ or partners with Him means that we will share in all that belongs to Jesus.

5. Jesus promises us that He will be coming back to earth. List from this verse what He promises to all who are victorious.
Revelation 3:12

To be a pillar in the temple of God is a place of honor and support; it upholds the whole structure. It's a place we will never have to leave once we get there. It will be our eternal home in the house of God. The fact that God's name will be written upon us shows that we belong to Him and to his holy city enjoying the rights of citizenship.

By our faithfulness to the Savior we will be honored with a permanent home where Jesus lives along with his redeemed church. We will have his privileges and be recognized as a citizen in the heavenly world.

6. The Great Tribulation is an event yet in the future that will be coming upon the entire world. What does Jesus promise to all his citizens who have followed him and endured their trials patiently?
Revelation 3:10


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