19-Life in the Kingdom of God - All of Us Are Important

By Colleen Donahue

1- Jesus yearns for all men and women to be part of his family. We know that for certain because we are told who was attracted to his message.
Luke 15:1-2

Scriptures tells us that God created all of us through Jesus.
Colossians 1:16-17

Therefore in a very real way we are all Christ's brothers and sisters. It's just that some of us don't know it yet. And so Jesus told this story about how much just one of us means to Him.
Luke 15:3-7

2- Some of us in God's family have gotten side-tracked by the allure of the world and gotten sucked into it. Perhaps you'll see yourself in this story.
Luke 15:11-17

Our gracious king will never violate our free will. If we really feel that the grass on the other side is better, then he will not stop us in the end. This young man did not come to his senses until he had hit the bottom. That's when he made the best decision he could have made.
Luke 15:18-21

Notice that the father spotted him a long way off! That tells us that everyday he kept his eyes pealed for his son's return. And then the Father did something that dignified land owners and gentlemen would never do. He RAN out to meet his son!

The son had been practicing his confession on the way home and after giving it, it was as if the Father didn't even hear it!
Luke 15:22-24

And so the party began. You and I are vitally important in God's Kingdom. We are not just citizens, we are sons and daughters and the King Father is madly in love with each of us!

3- If we have gotten side tracked from God's family then you can be sure that Jesus will be out looking for you!
Luke 15:8-10

Everyone of us is precious to God. We are so important that Jesus tells us a miscellaneous fact that should make us marvel!
Luke 12:6-7a

If God keeps track of every hair on our head then what should be our conclusion?
Luke 12:7b

4- In this sad verse Jesus is speaking specifically to his Jewish brothers and sisters. The Jews were God's chosen people meant to bless the entire world and be an example to bring all nations to God. What did they do instead?
Luke 13:34

Jesus so wanted to love and care for them as part of his flock but they were not willing to come under his care. Nevertheless, we see how important everyone of us is to our Lord. He wants to love and care for us, but will we let him?


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