By Colleen Donahue


As God's children we are meant to have light, joyful hearts while living as God's ambassadors in this world. But so often the opposite is true. We not only see other people with long faces and heavy hearts but we see those same characteristics in Christians who should be among the most carefree of people. What's wrong with us?

In the verses of this study we'll see Jesus as a master teacher setting a child on his lap and sharing with us a truth we do well never to forget.


"Let the Children Come!"

Studies continued from Matthew 19:13-15

Also recorded in: Mark 10:13-16 & Luke 18:15-17


Day 1- These few verses, expressed by Mark and Luke as well, describe a small scene taking perhaps only a few minutes but telling us so much about Christ's character and personality. Read through the verses and identify each of the characters.
Matthew 19:13-15

Day 2- What had the mothers observed about Christ that made them want to bring Him their children for his touch and blessing?
Luke 6:19

Day 3- Why did the disciples rebuke these mothers and try to keep them away?
Matthew 19:2

The disciples loved Jesus, knew he had been ministering to people all day, and wanted to protect Him.

Day 4- I believe the Lord's rebuke to His disciples was gentle but firm. He would teach them with this incident that He was never too tired or busy to give to those who had need of Him. In ministry there is always time for people. No one is unimportant or a nuisance. What important concepts do all disciples of Christ need to grab hold of ?
Matthew 20:28 / Luke 22:27

Day 5- Being a servant of God and man is not meant to turn us into heavy, somber people. The fact that men, women and children wanted to be with Christ shows that He had a magnetism and winsomeness about Him. What legacy did Jesus want to leave for each of His children (or disciples)?
John 15:11 / John 17:13

Day 6 - Children will not get close or stay around someone who is mean and gruff. They are sensitive to an adult's attitude even if they don't understand it. Throughout Christ's life we see many instances of His love for children (or the weak and defenseless) and their love for Him. What quality did Jesus have which was perhaps most important in drawing people to Him?
Isaiah 40:11 / Matthew 11:29

Day 7- Men will often take time with other people because they know there will be something to gain. But what could these mothers and children offer Jesus? Nothing but their love. And here is another great lesson. We are to give (money, time, talents) ......

A. according to our ability - 2 Corinthians 8:12

B. without others knowing about it - Matthew 6: 1-4

C. freely - Matthew 10:8b

D. cheerfully - 2 Corinthians 9:7

E. without expecting in return - Matthew 19:21

Day 8 - What do Mark and Luke add to this story?
Mark 10:13-16 / Luke 18: 15-17

Day 9- The Kingdom of God is a worldwide, spiritual kingdom in which God as the ruler and authority is accepted and loved by men who have given their hearts and lives for His purpose and use. The Kingdom is entered through belief in His Son Jesus. But an attitude of heart is needed to enter and this attitude is "like a child". What is the most important quality needed by citizens in the Kingdom of God?
Matthew 18:4

Day 10- What are some of the characteristics of this grace called humility?
Luke 14:10 / Luke 22:26 / Romans 12:3 / 1 Peter 5:5

Day 11- Besides the grace of humility, a child is utterly dependent for his needs. We too as adults must be willing to be dependent upon God for all of life.
John 3:27 / John 15:5 / 2 Corinthians 3:5

Day 12- Finally, dependent children instinctively trust that they will be given what they need.
Proverbs 3:5

The Kingdom of God is open to the humble, the dependent, and those who trust. It will not accommodate the proud, the independent, and those who insist on saving themselves by their own hard but futile efforts. A humble person has forgotten self in their devotion to Christ, which always results in dependence upon God and full trust in Him.

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