By Colleen Donahue

This study is for any of us in extreme circumstances that feel we are sinking fast. Perhaps you have been facing a problem for a long time and your resources to cope are just about gone. In this story we have a sweet reminder that God is committed to sustaining us throughout our life. It's in our extremity that we come to know that ...

JesusĀ Is There When We Need Him!

Studies continued from Matthew 14: 22-33


Day 1- After a very full day of ministry, the disciples had gone on ahead of Jesus in the boat to cross the lake. Jesus stayed behind to dismiss the crowds and then to pray.
Matthew 14: 22-23

Day 2- When the boat was out some distance in the water it was being beaten and tossed by the waves because a storm had come up. If you've ever battled a storm in a boat you know that it takes alertness and great strength to keep it upright. And, if you are battling for hours, an exhaustion sets in along with a realization that you might not win.
Matthew 14:24

The tired disciples were perhaps at this point when they looked out and saw a strange thing.
Matthew 14:25

Day 3- Jesus had seen their peril and was coming to them during their time of need -- when the winds and waves were against them and their strength was failing. This is such a vivid picture of those times in life when we feel we are about to drown in our problems.
Job 17:11 / Psalm 73:2 / Jeremiah 15:10 / Lamentations 3:17-18

Day 4- Jesus came to them during the fourth watch -- between 3-6AM -- good sleeping hours. But there is no time too sacred for Jesus to help. We may feel abandoned by God but He is never late and always right on time.
Psalm 116:6 / Isaiah 41:10 / Isaiah 43:1-2 / John 16:33 / Hebrews 13:6

Day 5- During the storm we are given a clue to the disciple's mental and emotional state by their reaction at seeing Jesus walking toward them.
Matthew 14: 26

What is to be our attitude during the trials and problems that actually seem to be overwhelming us?
Job 23:10 / Romans 5:3-5 / 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 / James 1:2-4

Stepping Out in Faith - Matthew 14:28-33

Day 6- There is something about Peter that many of us identify with. He was an impulsive man who often took action without thinking or counting the cost. But his heart was committed to Jesus and even in his impulsive behavior he showed Jesus his love. Seeing Jesus coming through the storm towards their bobbing boat excited him and prompted him to ask for an unusual sign of confirmation that it was indeed the Lord.
Matthew 14:28-29

When Christ said "come" notice that Peter just obeyed. He got out of the boat and looking at Jesus began to walk -- on the water -- straight towards the Lord! While his eyes were on the Lord, he could walk on top of the waves right through the storm!

Day 7- During all of life, but especially during hard, sad, and troublesome times, where should our focus be?
Psalm 25:15 / Psalm 123: 1-2 / Psalm 141: 8

Day 8- Looking at our difficulties will always depress us and cause us to fear. What did Peter start to look at when he began to sink?
Matthew 14: 30

Day 9- What was King David looking at when he was sinking into depression?
Psalm 22: 12-18

Day 10- King David developed a habit over his years of trouble. His problems and sins would grind him down lower and lower into a pit of depression and then it was as though he would wake up. He would remember the Lord and look up right in the middle of his problems.
Psalm 18: 6 / Psalm 34: 4-6 / Psalm 61:1-4

Day 11- It was the same with Peter who was sinking in his doubt. He suddenly looked back to Jesus and cried out. His cry was no elaborate prayer. "Lord save me!"
"Lord help me!" That's all that's needed to bring Jesus to the rescue.
Matthew 14:30b / Matthew 15:25 / Matthew 20:30

Day 12- God is committed to sustaining us throughout our entire life. Why not develop David's habit of calling upon Him throughout your life?
Deuteronomy 33:27 / Isaiah 46:4 / I Peter 5:7

Day 13- Let's not be among those to whom the Lord must ask.....
Matthew 14:31b / Mark 4: 40

Day 14- Finally, notice when the winds died down.
Matthew 14:32

Day 15- When Jesus gets into our "boat" -- when we ask Him into our life -- when we let Him direct us right in the midst of trouble -- then we can get to the other side safely. Then we can proclaim with the disciples.....
Matthew 14:33


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