Is Your Eye on God?

There's No Place Like Home by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer

"I will guide you with my eye upon you." Psalm 32:8b

That is the secret of getting our guidance from God. We must keep our eye upon him. There is no food in the bowl and this little dog is hungry. He might have decided to race around and try to find whatever food he could. But we see in this painting that he is perfectly still. His eyes are wide open and undoubtedly looking up to his master's face. He knows his master will not fail to feed him. His bowl has been empty before but it was always filled when he looked up longingly to his master.

Is your bowl empty? Are you running around frantically trying to get what you need? Why not learn a lesson from this dog? Open your eyes wide and look intently to God. Look into His eyes. They will speak to you and without a spoken word will guide you to know how to fill your bowl. Don't move until his eyes answer you. But like this dog be ready to go and do. So much guidance is lost because we don't stop and look and listen. If you are always moving then you aren't hearing from God and he won't be able to fill your bowl.

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