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Short Introduction to the Daily Discipline Studies

By Colleen Donahue


For over 25 years I have been writing for the Christian Corps International Newsletter a study called Daily Discipline. These studies reflect my own search for God. Studying the Bible would not have become a life long habit if I had not discovered God's mind on the practical things I faced in life . This was important but it soon became secondary to discovering God for Himself. It was during my morning study times that God would reveal something of Himself through his word (the Bible) and that became more valuable than the practical answers I was seeking. It's like two friends that get together everyday to talk. How can you help not getting to know each other?

These studies are all available for you if they can be useful to get you started studying the Bible for yourself. There is a little bit to read and think about each day or you can do a whole study in one sitting. The important thing is to meet with God EVERYDAY. A little everyday (even if only for a few minutes) is better than a longer study occasionally. I have left the verses for you to look up because they answer the questions or authenticate the thought expressed. Just the exercise of looking these verses up for yourself gives God the chance to teach you directly as He has for me.

The Daily Discipline Table of Contents is a listing of the studies in order as I wrote them. The Topical Table of Contents groups the studies into categories. I would suggest you start with a topic that is of interest to you or a need that you have. To get started all you need is a Bible, a notebook and a pen.

Best Wishes,

Colleen Donahue


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