Truth in Color – An Introduction

God shows himself to all people in His creation—in the things we observe and see on a day to day basis.

Artists have the ability to put what they observe in life onto a canvas, into a sculpture, or into musical notes for everyone to see and hear. If we would simply “observe” the life reflected in art we would be drawn to see something of truth and in the end something of God who is truth.

In my enjoyment of art I am learning to observe. It’s in the “seeing” that truth begins to be found. You don’t have to be an art history major to see what’s in a painting. You don’t have to know all about the artist or even what he had in mind when he painted. The artist is merely the vehicle God has used to express Himself at the moment. Each person in looking at a painting has the ability to see something of truth or beauty or reality. Most of us don’t look long enough to see what is there. Truth is not for a few but for anyone that will take the time to observe and understand.

That is what I did, and continue to do, as I write Truth in Color. All of the paintings are ones that caught my eye in some way. During the week I would look at the painting carefully and write down everything I observed about it. The more I looked, the more I saw. After this exercise of observing, some truth would begin to emerge. That is what I have written down. I hope you’ll find these paintings as inspiring as I have and that you would begin observing for yourself the people and places that are in your world. We don’t want to miss what our Creator is telling us.

Colleen Donahue

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