By Ernest O'Neill

In Jesus There is a Corrected Version of Your Life

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

It would be so nice if you could take the version that you and I live, day-to-day, with all our sins and all our mistakes and all our errors and all our blemishes, and then if we could erase all that and re-record the whole life, perfect and flawless, with all those things wiped out. It would be so great if you could arrange somehow that that re-recording could be played inside your heart with all the right responses to all your circumstances; all the right motives, all the right initiatives and you could allow that to be the version that’s heard by all of the rest of us and seen by all of the rest of us, here on earth.

That’s what has happened.  That’s what God did with his great computer-like mind.  He was able to foresee the life that you and I would live in every detail. He was able to read the kind of things that we would do when we came up against the circumstances that he foresaw would take place in our lives and he, with his great, complex mind, was able to run that whole life through his foresight.  And then he was able to put that life in his son Jesus and in a great eternal death above time and space, he was able to erase all that and then he was able to re-record your life as it was meant to be: perfect and flawless.  You and I are watching, in our present day lives, this first, un-edited version. You observe not only your mistakes and your errors but you observe your sins, your vices, your wrong motives, your wrong intentions and your wrong attitudes. That’s the version that you and I are observing.

But loved ones there is an edited and corrected version of your life in Jesus and God is able to play that over again inside your heart so that you are able to listen to it. His spirit is able to connect us up with that library in Heaven, that library in eternity that is filled as even Plato when he wrote his "Republic" was sensing even though he knew nothing of Jesus. He talked too, about the perfect form.  He used to say “There are tables but then there is a perfect table, somewhere in the great beyond, where there, one true good exists” and that’s the situation. The Holy Spirit is able to take from that library, that, as your perfect life, resurrected and recorded in Jesus. He is able to take it and bring it here to you in the midst of time and space and to play it over again inside you so that you begin to listen to your life as it was meant to be lived.

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