By Ernest O'Neill

How is a Life Free From Worry Even Possible?

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

When you settle things in Jesus, the Spirit of God just brings you a life that is free from worry. It's just different. It's just completely different. It's just plain again to me how absolutely different it is. I want to share it with you because for years, I have out of love for many of you and for many of the young men and women, bent over backwards and said, "Yeah well, that's right you do have some difficulty", and yet when I first came into it there were no difficulties.

There is freedom and liberty in Jesus death on Calvary. There is complete deliverance from self and complete deliverance from fear and worry and anxiety.  It's just as different as day is from night. That's why God says things like "He transferred us out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of His beloved Son."

It is an utterly different life. And if you say, "What is the key brother?" the key is: yielding to Jesus everything that God destroyed of you in His Son's death. Everything is all your past life. I'm not going to tone that down to make a better defense to the psychologists who say, "Well, then you lose your personality." Okay you lose your personality, but you don't. It seems to me it's complete and absolute and you can't tone it down without losing everything and ending up back in Nebuchadnezzar.