By Ernest O'Neill

How is it Possible to Experience Real Baptism?

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

Of course, the baptism that we need to experience is a real one but it is not just the baptism into water. It's a different kind of baptism. You know when you go under the water, you have to suddenly begin to live in dependence on the life that you have already stored up within you, haven't you? Then you have to live certainly by the breath that you have taken before you go under the water and you have to live by the energy and the strength that you have stored up in the past because you are cut off from any more food while you are under the water. You have to live by whatever inner contentment and peace about yourself you have because you can't have any contact with other people; you are cut off from them and from their approval or their recognition. So, you can see that when you go under the water you're in a sense cut off from any external supply of life.