By Ernest O'Neill

How Does a Perverted Personality Operate?

Rev. Ernest O'Neill

This perverted personality started to try to get these things from the world, instead of living the way it was meant to -- instead of living from God and always giving outward to the world.  It began to be a leech on society, and a parasite on other people.  It tried to get from the world of people and things the security and significance and happiness that it was meant to get from God’s love.  {Pointing to the diagram.}

You can see the whole personality became perverted.  The mind, instead of concentrating and understanding what God had directed it to do in his particular job or financial situation, began to try to manipulate events, stocks and shares, and other people’s circumstances -- for its own security.  The emotions, instead of expressing the joy of a relationship with the one significant other in the universe, had no joy and tried to get joy. It perverted marriage to a place and friendship where it was a matter of what joy or happiness you could get from the other person or from the circumstances.  The will, instead of obeying the conscience, became utterly submerged under the mind and emotions, which were in turn dominated by the body so that the will was absolutely useless.

{Pointing to the diagram} That is the perverted personality that you and I have inherited, and that’s what God was faced with.  What he did was, he destroyed that in a cosmic miracle.  He took your individual perverted personality and put it into his Son in pre-creation eternity and he destroyed it there.