By Ernest O'Neill

How Do We Sense the Father's Presence?

Ernest O'Neill

God has already destroyed all that is evil in you and He is saying, "Come on, believe that and come to me and live with me day-by-day in openness and trust and confidence. And your faith I will regard as righteousness and you will begin to sense a closeness to me that My Son alone shares."

Loved ones, that's the Father's will for you. So if you've never made that step, I'd encourage you to take it today. If you've never believed the Gospel and you've never repented and you've never seen that God has already raised you up with His Son and He already regards you like His Son Jesus and thinks of you that way, despite what you are, then believe it this morning. Chose to believe it this morning. Just take that step and believe it. And from that moment, God regards your faith as righteousness and He will begin to walk with you as a man walks with his friend, day-by-day. And Monday through Friday, you'll begin to sense the Father's presence in your life.