By Ernest O'Neill

How Do WE Give God Delight and Joy?

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

Every time you thank him, you give him delight and joy because he knows that one more little one that he made really believes him and trusts him and that's so great you know. Oh you dads you know, how good it is to have a little son who just feels everything is safe because he is in his dad's arms. His dad may be trembling and wonder what's going to happen but he is in his dad's arms so he is happy.

And boy, that gives a father some feeling. Actually encourages even the father. Now you can imagine the delight and joy in our God's heart when you give thanks in all circumstances. It's a declaration, "Lord I trust you -- not these circumstances, not these events, not the good things that happen to me, any fool can be happy when things are good, any fool can thank God when he is receiving gifts -- but I trust you Lord even when I can't see." And you remember King George V, wasn't it, died you remember of some blood circulation disease.

I remember one radio broadcast years ago in Britain.  He talked about the man, of course who came in the darkness and said, "Put your hand in mine and even though you do not know the way through the darkness, if you keep your hand in mine, I will lead you through the darkness." Now by giving thanks to him, he is saying, "Lord I can't see the way myself, but I have no doubt that you know the way."