By Ernest O'Neill

How Do You Die To Self?

by Rev. Ernest O'Neill


The baptism, who could enter "the baptism"? Who could enter death to self? But, can you stay with your Savior? Can you stay close to him? Can you hug him to yourself in your prayer times and say, "Lord Jesus, I want to come into everything that you achieved for me," and He'll say, "My son, my daughter, that's what I want. So, just trust me and I'll show you bit by bit what it means. And it will mean some little hard things but I'll have my arm around you, so let's go together." And then you look up and your old sour face goes, and you look up into your Savior's eyes and you walk along and he'll show you -- and that's it, loved ones.

It's you and a dear person who has given his life for you and who loves you and knows your name and that's what it is. And we pitiful souls here on earth, we try to tell each other what He is doing, but we always mess it up. He alone really can make it all real to you. And He'll make it real as long as you continue to regard Him as a dear person and a dear friend and not as an 'it' that has done something for you but somebody who loves you, who loves each one of us here in this room.