By Colleen Donahue

For a certain period of my childhood, my dad travelled during the week and would come home on Friday evening. I missed him so much and wanted to surprise and please him on Friday night. So, approximately 45 minutes before he would arrive home, my brothers and I would begin walking the country roads where we knew the old green Ford would soon be rounding the bends. The thing that sticks in my mind most is that we weren't looking for anything FROM dad we just wanted TO BE WITH dad and watch his face light up when he saw we had come to meet him!

In the same way, our Heavenly Father is so delighted when we stop just wanting to "get" and begin to want to just "be" with Him and do things that bring Him pleasure. His heart longs for children that love Him. So often our life with God never gets beyond asking. We are missing something much sweeter - His fellowship.

This month I'd like to look at ...



Communication with those nearest and dearest to us is one of the expressions of love and is no less true with God.

Day 1- God is not just a far off entity that controls the universe. He is also a person and desires our love and fellowship.
I Corinthians1:9 / I John 1:3 / Revelations 3:20

Day 2 -Moses is an example of a man that shared close fellowship with God.
Exodus 33:9 / Numbers 12:7-8 / Deuteronomy 34:10

Day 3- Notice in these verses that Abraham was called God's friend.
2 Chronicles 20:7 / James 2:23

Day 4- But friendship with God was not reserved for those famous men alone. It's for us too!
John 15:13-15

Day 5- Communication is not only in words but in a longing to be near to Jesus.
Psalm 73:25,28 / John 13:23 / Hebrews 10:22 James 4:8

Day 6- Waiting upon God expresses our longing to just BE with God.
Psalm 42:1-2 / Psalm 130:5-6

Day 7- Many of us only carry on monologues with God. Listening is necessary for all true communication and it's no different with God!
Ecclesiastes 5:1-2,7 / John 10:27 / James 1:19

Day 8- Scripture is clear that God listens to us!
Psalm 40:1 / Isaiah 58:9 / Jeremiah 33:3

Day 9- Communication involves talking with God - telling Him everything - pouring out your heart. Read a few prayers of those that did just that.
Judges 6:36-40 / I Samuel 1:10-18 ,27-28

Day 10- God loves it when we go to Him and ask for our needs to be met by His riches.
John 14:13-14 / John 17:7

Day 11- We then please Him when we EXPECT His answer.
Luke 11:9 / I John 3:21-22

Day 12- And God Himself loves to answer us!
Isaiah 65:24

Day 13- The Lord loves to accept our gratitude and thanksgiving.
Psalm 100:4 / Psalm 107:22


There is something wonderful that happens when we give a gift and the recipient truly loves it, is grateful for it, and uses it. As the giver, we become as blessed as if we had received the gift. So it is with God.

Day 14- God's greatest gift to us was His only Son, Jesus.
John 3:16 / Romans 6:23 / Ephesians 2:8

Day 15- Do you have the heart gratitude towards God for the gift of His Son Jesus that Paul did?
2 Corinthians 9:15 / Colossians1:12-14

Day 16- If God didn't even keep His own Son for Himself, what then must be true?
Romans 8:32

Day 17- Remember, that everything we receive here on earth has its source with our Father in Heaven. (Salary, wife, husband, children, home, etc. etc.) He deserves our praise and thanks for all His good gifts.
Deuteronomy 8:10 / John 3:27


Our Father is so delighted and pleased when we come to him as children. We are not meant to live an independent life in our own strength. Rather, He wants us to come to Him for all things in life no matter how small. A child in this sense is not a matter of age, but rather one of a position that we take to our Father in Heaven.

Day 18- Jesus had such a tender spot for children. Notice the inheritance promised to children alone.
Matthew 19:14 / Mark 10:14

Day 19 -What does God promise when we love Him and seek Him?
Proverbs 8:17

Day 20- Where does He keep us and our concerns?
Isaiah 40:11

Day 21- There is nothing so comforting to a child as knowing that his father won't leave him alone - even at night!
Genesis 28:15 / Exodus 33:14

Day 22- Then, when we do need to "step out on our own", He is so pleased when we can walk out in full confidence and faith because we know our Father won't fail us.
Deuteronomy 20:1 / Isaiah 43:2 / Hebrews 11:1,6


Of course, nothing brings peace and order to a home and to a father's heart as when his children are obedient.

Day 23- Christ Himself set the example for us.
John 14:31 / John 15:10 / Romans 5:19 / Hebrews 5:8-9

Day 24- What does God promise for His obedient children?
Exodus 19:5 / Deuteronomy 5:29 / I Kings 3:14

Day 25- What are we likened to when we hear and obey God's word?
Matthew 7:24

Day 26- It is interesting to note that obedience is actually essential to membership in God's family.
Matthew 12:50

Day 27- Although where is such a thing as resigned obedience, only the obedience springing from love can receive the blessings of divine fellowship.
John 14:23

Day 28- The fulfilment of the Lord's desires first, will actually fulfil our own.
I John 3:21-22

Day 29- Who are we really fooling when we hear God's word but don't act on it?
James 1:22-25

Day 30- Just as we long for someone to understand and know us, so it is a delight to God's heart when He has men and women that understand and know Him.
Jeremiah 9:23-24


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