By Ernest O'Neill

How Can Our Problems Be Dealt With?

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

Oh brothers and sisters, will you think about it? Think about those situations that we find ourselves in. You’ve just discovered the overdraft and you’re just about to say to her, “Why did you not send that last check in?” or you’re just about to say, “We’ll never pay that other bill.” At that moment believe Easter. Believe Easter. Stop getting all worried about what will happen. “Well, what will happen? Will the washer just start going?” That’s not your problem. That’s not your responsibility.

Even if you say to me, “If I do it, when I get sick, will I get well?” That’s not your problem. That’s up to God what He will do. You have one responsibility and that is to believe Easter. In the midst of a predicament or a difficult situation, be it with a clothes washer, or an automobile, or a recalcitrant child or with a disagreeable colleague or with a business situation that cannot be solved, at that moment, thank God with your lips that He has released in Jesus a power that is already beginning to sort this thing out and that you’re confident that that thing will be solved. Loved ones, that’s it. Is that hard? Is that hard? I am asking you to stop crying and start laughing. Is that hard? That’s not hard. That’s what Easter is.

If you say to me, “Oh it’s a trick, it’s a trick.” It’s a trick in that it’s “unto you according to your faith.” That’s a basic spiritual principle. God says, “It will be unto you according to your faith.” If you believe that, if you begin to live that, and you begin to speak that, you will begin to see this power being released in your life. That’s the miracle, that’s the amazing thing about it.

Loved ones, it is for you, even if you’ve come to church this morning and you think, “Oh, it all sounds a bit strange and I’ve never been very religious.” You don’t have to be very religious, just start being honest intellectually and start making your responses to problems line up with the fact that God has already solved those problems in His son’s death on Calvary. Will you try it?