By Ernest O'Neill

How Are You Unique?

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

Now God made you because he is your Father and he wants you to choose to be his son or his daughter. You are free loved ones. You're free. You're free not to do that if you want and that's why God has made us. He made us to enjoy his love. That's why he made us like himself. You remember that strange and interesting verse that gives you a glimpse into Heaven before human beings were made. It's back in Genesis 1:26 and it gives you an insight which God obviously revealed in a miraculous way to Moses when he wrote Genesis. It gives you an insight into what was happening before mankind was created.

Genesis 1:26, "Then God said, 'Let us make man.'"  It's nice to think, "Let us". God turned around to Jesus who was with him from before the creation of the world and he says, "My Son, let us make man in our image." That's why God made you in His image. That's why you are the kind of person you are. You were made like God so that you could understand God and so that He could understand you. So, you are different.

That's why the whole tendency of the modern world to say, "you're a nothing", is wrong. That's the real objection to the evolution theory. There's evolution within the species that are obvious. But the whole insult to God in saying you're just a glorified ape is that you are made in God's image. You are like God. You're made like Him. You're a break from the animal kingdom. You are different from the animal kingdom. You're actually not only different from the animal kingdom, you are different from all the rest of us in this room.

You have squirrely little thoughts that none of the rest of us have. You have funny little ways. You twitch your nose a funny way. You smile a funny way, you say things a funny way. They're funny to us because they're not like the way we do it. They are different and you're different from everybody else in this room. Then think for a minute that you're different from everybody else in Minneapolis. You're different from everybody else in Minnesota and that's only four million. But you're different from the other 250 million in America. It's amazing but you're also different from the other five billion on this planet. You're different. You're different from everybody who has ever lived and you're different from everybody who will ever live. That's why you are unique. You're a version of God's character that nobody else is. God made you like Himself.