By Colleen Donahue


"I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and it abode upon Him." John 1:32

As John the Baptist baptized Jesus, the Son of God, this (John 1:32) was what he was allowed to see. A dove had descended from the Heaven and now rested upon Jesus. What or who was this dove? What difference would this strange incidence make? And more importantly - what does it have to do with you or me? We begin this month with ............



Day 1- The Holy Spirit was with God in creation and therefore from all eternity.
Genesis 1:1-2 / Job 33:4

Day 2 -The Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity.
Genesis 1:26-27 (Notice the word "us" and "our" used)/ Matthew 28:19 / 2 Corinthians 13:14

Day 3 -The Holy Spirit is called God
Acts 5:3-4

Day 4 -The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father through Christ's intercession.
John 14:16 / John 15:26 / John 16:7

During the Old Testament times the Holy Spirit was not common among men. The Jews knew God as the true God but had no notion of Jesus as the Son of God or of the Holy Spirit. Nevertheless, from time to time God would give to some chosen man His Holy Spirit that would empower him to do a certain task for that time and place. Here are some examples of when this happened.....

Day 5 -Balaam
Numbers 24:2

Day 6 -Othniel
Judges 3:10

Day 7 -Gideon
Judges 6:34

Day 8 -Samson
Judges 14:6

Day 9 -Saul
I Samuel 10:10

Day 10 -David
I Samuel 16:13

Day 11- Later Isaiah and Ezekiel and Joel of Old Testament times all prophesied that the day would come when God would "pour out" His Holy Spirit among ALL men.
Isaiah 32:15 / Ezekiel 39:29 / Joel 2:28

Day 12 -The coming of Jesus marked the turning point of all history. Within 33 short years the world had been changed. The Son of God had become man. Although many hated Him, Jesus had a loyal following and these loved Him dearly. The day was a sad one indeed when He told them of His coming death. But, little did they know then, that His death would bring about the best news man would ever hear. First, Jesus would provide atonement for our outward sins and for the inward corruption of each person's heart. No more animal sacrifices would be needed to unite our hearts with God. Jesus would be the final one. Secondly, after Jesus rose from the dead He would send the Holy Spirit to dwell with men forever. The Holy Spirit was to be our "new operating system" replacing our inherited sin nature. Jesus as man could be in one place at one time, but the Holy Spirit was to dwell with men everywhere and always! This was Jesus' meaning in this verse:
John 12:24

We can only imagine from the examples in Scripture the great change that occurred in men and women of the early church just a few short weeks after Jesus had risen from the dead and had sent the Holy Spirit.

Day 13 -Believers began to worship God as one God in three persons and even preach in other languages they hadn't studied!
Acts 2:4

Day 14 -They now spoke of Jesus boldly. (No easy thing in a society that hated Christians!)
Acts 4:31

Day 15 -More people came to know Jesus through the transformed lives of men like Barnabas.
Acts 11:24

Throughout history, whenever the Holy Spirit is alive amongst the people, men will be led to believe in and confess Jesus Christ as Lord. There will be ready identification with the Lord's people and definite consecration of lives to God. For one great characteristic of the Holy Spirit is to always testify of Jesus.

Day 16 -Here are the results of the Holy Spirit among men.
Isaiah 44:3-5

Day 17 -A man or woman full of the Holy Spirit testifies of Christ.
John 15:26

Day 18 -The Holy Spirit glorifies Christ and reveals the things of Christ.
John 16:13-14

Day 19- The Holy Spirit teaches us and helps us to remember what Christ said.
John 14: 26


Day 20 -He is given to us in answer to prayer.....
Luke 11:13

Day 21 -He is given to us through waiting upon God.
Luke 24:49 / John 7:39 / John 14:16 / John 16:7

Day 22 - He is given to us as a result of our repentance.
Acts 2:38-39

Day 23 -Christ will Himself baptize us with His Holy Spirit.
Matthew 3:11

Day 24- It is important to see that "The sinner does not come first to the Holy Spirit but to Christ. Our first business is to receive Jesus, and then to receive the Holy Spirit. " (A.B. Simpson) So, HOW CAN WE BE SURE THAT WE'VE RECEIVED JESUS AND HAVE BECOME GOD'S CHILD? The Holy Spirit will Himself witness to our spirit.
Romans 8:16 / Galatians 4:6 / 1 John 3:24 / 1 John 4:13 / 1 John 5:6

Day 25- Man has always prided himself with his knowledge and achievements and given little credit to the Creator that gave him his mind, hands, and ability.
Isaiah 59:10 / 2 Corinthians 4:4 / Ephesians 4:18

The Holy Spirit truly is a gift to our age. He is God's gift of Himself to lead men into lives full of light and truth. Man thinks that knowledge of science, literature, and medicine is real light. But evidence only stands to show the number of brilliant men and women who have committed suicide, become recluse, or lived other tragic lives. To the world they are "children of light" but in reality, full of darkness inside. In the next study we'll look at how the Holy Spirit relates to men. What ways will He work in your life? How are we to relate back to Him?

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