By Ernest O'Neill

God Wants Us Entirely Saved

Rev. Ernest O'Neill

Do you see that God’s plan is for Jesus to express himself fully in you and to be recreated in you?  It means that you’ve to believe in your heart and you are justified.  You are put right with God.  And then confess with your lips -- agree with your life -- and you are saved.

If you’ve never taken that step, you could take it today.  You could just begin it today without a whole lot of fuss, without anybody else knowing if necessary.  You could just begin today quietly -- even if there is someone here who has been on the way but has hesitated and has stepped back from being saved.  They are justified but they are holding back with this being saved.  They are holding back the redemption of their whole personalities -- and therefore, they are coming into doubt in their original belief.  Loved ones, go forward!  Deal with whatever surrender God is bringing to your mind and start going forward again -- because you can’t be partially saved.  You have to be entirely saved.