By Ernest O'Neill

God Uses Your Enemies For Good

By Rev. Ernest O'Neill

So, it is as if God has drawn the teeth of the lion; he has neutralized the power of your persecutors to do you any real harm and what is now coming to you is what has been screened lovingly through God’s own hands. And that’s why in I Thessalonians, we’re exhorted to give thanks in all circumstances, for all things, for this is the will of God for us in Christ Jesus. So, loved ones, those who persecute you, or who want evil to happen to you, are in the hands of God and what you are receiving now from them, is only as much, as will do you good. They are the servants of Satan but God has transformed them into his unknowing servants so that the things that he is allowing them to do to you, are things that will draw you deeper into his own heart and then to himself. So there is no place for saying, "Oh why are they persecuting me, why are they opposing me, why is this person doing this or why are they stopping me doing that?" They are not stopping you doing anything.  They think they are stopping you doing all kinds of things but they are only stopping what God allows them to stop you doing and those are things that are non-essential.  And all the while he is using them to draw you into a life of greater and greater reality.


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